Steins;Gate Tops the UKIE PlayStation Vita Chart

 Steins;Gate Tops the UKIE PlayStation Vita Chart

If you’re reading this on the day it’s posted then just take a look at the side of your browser window. Either one will do. The big Steins;Gate background only represents a slither of our excitement about the release of Steins;Gate last Friday. We had an exclusive edition, and lots of opportunities to work with the Steins;Gate brand (in collaboration with the publisher PQube), and it’s just been a wonderful experience.


And clearly a lot of other people thought so too!


Steins;Gate managed to top the chart when it came to the UK Interactive Entertainment Association (UKIE)’s PlayStation Vita software chart for last week, coming in at position #1! The only really comparative release of the week was Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, which came in at a healthy fourth position.




But that’s not all, Steins;Gate came in at #18 in the All-Format chart, #28 in the Individual Formats (with the Vita version), and #3 in the PlayStation 3 Software Chart (behind FIFA 15 and Grand Theft Auto V in order).




This is clearly a massive deal for fans of Japanese games, and visual novels in particular, everywhere. It’s no small thing that Steins;Gate has been able to be so recognised. Of course, everyone that bought the game from us who lives in the UK contributed, and we can indeed confirm that fan support just through us as a retailer was really quite something! It’s been a pleasure working with such a cool game that has so many cool fans, from interacting socially online, to meeting face to face at events such as London MCM Comic-Con in May. Furthermore, our many international customers have also helped!


El Psy Kongroo.





The game is getting a little tough to find at some retailers, but we still have some in stock. Pick up a copy for yourself here!



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