Street Fighter 6 Akuma DLC arrives May 22

Capcom has revealed that the Street Fighter 6 Akuma DLC will launch on May 22, 2024.

Akuma is the final character joining Season 1 of Street Fighter 6, bringing a number of new moves that allow for massive combos. He even comes equipped with multiple Level 3 Super Arts, a first for the game — naturally, one of these is his iconic Raging Demon.

Some additional content has also been detailed. Alongside the Street Fighter 6 Akuma DLC, the Enma’s Hollow stage will also become available. Outfit 3 for the entire Season 1 roster launches at the same time, giving Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma a new look.

Finally, the main balance update will arrive after a long wait (the update released earlier this year only tweaked a few things). Unlike most fighting games in recent years, the Capcom team has been hands off on balance changes, instead choosing to collect data over the previous year.

Due to the long time between patches (and the conclusion of EVO Japan), it’s safe to assume that this patch will change a lot about Street Fighter 6.

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