Switch version of Ys Origin releases October 1

 Switch version of Ys Origin releases October 1

Having already ported Falcom’s action RPG to PS4, Vita and Xbox One, publisher Dotemu are readying a new Switch version of Ys Origin for release October 1.

Taking place before the events of the other mainline Ys games, Ys Origin is a perfect starting point for newcomers. This release of the game also includes the speedrun mode, which first debuted on Xbox One.

Ys Origin will be available both digitally via the eShop, and physically. In North America, only the standard edition is available for pre-order, while European can still a collectors edition from Strictly Limited.


A description of Ys Origin via Dotemu:

In Ys Origin, it is 700 years before the events of Ys I & II, and the land of Ys is on the brink of destruction. Demons arrived in droves and forced the twin Goddesses who ruled the land to whisk their subjects away from the surface, into the safe embrace of the clouds. The demons were persistent, however, erecting a massive tower in pursuit. The battle that raged upon the ground had begun ascending for a second round up above.

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