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Live Action Commercial For Manga Gokushufudo Is Amazing

It’s very well known that Japan specialises in the eccentric when it comes to advertisements, but this new one for the manga Gokushufudo may be one of the best of the bunch. The manga revolves around a former Yakuza member who has now become a full-on house husband. Check out the commercial below!   Gokushufudo […]Read More

Weird Official Gimp Cup Noodle Ad for Crunchy Very Veggie

The new range of noodle snacks from Nissin are here — the Cup Noodle Very Veggie. Touting “a full serving of veggies” in each cup, the same noodles you know and love are topped with some crunchy vegetables. Which means you’ll chew with your mouth further open, hence this strange, official gimp-based commercial from Nissin. […]Read More

Sonic Mania Brings Back Those Old Infomercials

Sega seems intent on bringing back the classic 2D Sonic with Sonic Mania, even going so far as to reproduce those amazing nonsensical ads from back in the day.     The Collector’s box even includes a 12″ statue of the classic Sonic (the one without the ridiculously long legs), standing on a Sega Genesis Base. Whenever you flip the […]Read More

Chaos;Child Made This Japanese Woman Cry

When we’re relaxing on Friday mornings we like to take a look at Japanese commercials. This one for Chaos;Child, part of 5pb’s Science Adventure visual novel series, caught our attention. It’s just a video of a Japanese woman crying, overlaid with social media, shots of a PS4 controller, and some game footage.     It […]Read More

Weird Japanese Mario Commercial will give you nightmares

What happens when you bring Mercedes and Mario together? Weird Japanese oddness, that’s what. The kind of uncomfortably weird Japanese oddness that will give me nightmares. Not in the ‘terrifying’ kind of way – but in the restless and sweaty kind of way I get when I’m feeling really guilty about something.    Like that […]Read More