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Final Fantasy XIII Meets Nissan in Newest Ad

Final Fantasy XIII is no stranger to product placement. Earlier Lightning showed off various outfits from the famous Louis Vuitton and even Prada, however this time she is moving up to the automotive industry.       This latest ad is for Nissan. It has our passenger sporting a PlayStation VR in order to enter […]Read More

Lightning X Louis Vuitton

Final Fantasy’s Lightning comes back in a bit of an unexpected package. It seems gaming and fashion have a lot in common. For example seasonal collections remind me of yearly game releases. It all goes hand in hand so why not mix the two.       Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII series is back for […]Read More

World of Final Fantasy’s New Trailer Will Melt Your Heart

At Tokyo Game Show 2015 we’ve got a lot of exciting previews for upcoming games. Square Enix showcased another trailer for World of Final Fantasy, a new spin-off title in the Final Fantasy franchise.         The story will revolve around a brother and sister entering a world of Grimoire, where Final Fantasy […]Read More

Eurogamer Expo Overview

As expected the Eurogamer expo was filled to the brim this year with audiences from across the globe coming together to sample the latest software from all sectors of the video game industry. The atmosphere was electric, and the excitement for new consoles was clear; the queues indicated without a shadow of a doubt, the […]Read More

Why I will be buying Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

It is an exciting time for Final Fantasy fans; FFX/X2 HD Remake, FF XIV: A Realm Reborn release and the recently re-branding and announcement of FFXV BUT I am much more excited for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and here is why…     Let me just tell you right off the bat, I did […]Read More

Top 10 Video Game Characters we love to hate

So, we all have our favourite video game characters. But here at Rice Digital, we’re feeling hot and bothered, so we thought we would list the characters we love to hate. In order to be as objective as possible, we got everyone on the team to share their thoughts and feelings, and although there were […]Read More

Lightning gets sexy in Lighting Returns: FFXIII

In addition to the Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife costume for Lightning Returns: FFXII Square Enix will also be releasing a Miqo’te costume from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for Lightning but wait, there’s more… Looking at scans from the latest Famitsu magazine it appears that whilst wearing this outfit Lightning will strike a sexy […]Read More