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New Final Fantasy Explorers Trailer & Infographic – The Final

Square Enix have released a new Final Fantasy Explorers trailer highlighting the ways in which the game is inheriting the massive legacy of the series, from special moves to characters, from regular monsters to full blown summons (or Eidolons as they’re actually called).     As well as the trailer, Square Enix have also created […]Read More

World of Final Fantasy New Gameplay Video

We have new footage and a lot of new details on World of Final Fantasy, a new cutesy Square Enix title coming out in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Vita.   The video shows our protagonists who find themselves in a forest where we can see a pretty good demonstration of the combat system. The World of Final […]Read More

Lightning X Louis Vuitton

Final Fantasy’s Lightning comes back in a bit of an unexpected package. It seems gaming and fashion have a lot in common. For example seasonal collections remind me of yearly game releases. It all goes hand in hand so why not mix the two.       Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII series is back for […]Read More

Cloud and Midgar shown off in Super Smash Bros.

Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII was recently announced to be joining the Super Smash Bros. roster, and now his move set and the Midgar stage have been properly shown off.   He’s also releasing in a couple of hours at $5.99 or $6.99 if you want Cloud on both Wii U and 3DS! EU […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay trailer revealed

Tonight at PlayStation Experience, Sony and Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4 will have a new combat system as shown off in a new trailer.   The trailer, as seen below, shows that FFVII will be more of an action-RPG in a similar style to upcoming Final Fantasy XV or […]Read More

Final Fantasy VII PS4 Trophy List (Port) Revealed

With everyone excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake it’s easy to forget that the PS4 is getting a straight port of the PS1 classic too. The Final Fantasy VII PS4 trophy list for the port has now been revealed, and it looks marginally more interesting than the bland Steam Achievements.     Gaia’s Guardian Obtain […]Read More

Terra Branford fights in Dissidia Final Fantasy trailer

Terra Branford represents Final Fantasy VI in the latest trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy, where she squares off against Zidane, Squall and Bartz.   Square Enix are teasing console owners with yet another trailer for the upcoming Dissidia game, with no information on if it will ever come to console or release outside of Japan […]Read More

World of Final Fantasy’s New Trailer Will Melt Your Heart

At Tokyo Game Show 2015 we’ve got a lot of exciting previews for upcoming games. Square Enix showcased another trailer for World of Final Fantasy, a new spin-off title in the Final Fantasy franchise.         The story will revolve around a brother and sister entering a world of Grimoire, where Final Fantasy […]Read More

Gamescom 2015 & New Sponsors – Pro Gamer Insights

Thanks once again to everyone who banded together to raise the money for me to go to gamescom. you guys wanted your voices heard in the games media in 2015 and thank you for choosing me – Pro Gamer.     Hopefully in the future I would like to attend more of these events and […]Read More

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Review (PS4)

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster was recently ported to PlayStation 3 and Vita. Now a year later we have a PlayStation 4 version. How does this classic hold up in this eighth generation of consoles?         Shamefully enough I didn’t get to play Final Fantasy X when it was first […]Read More