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Funimation Summer Simuldubs are in Full Swing

With the latest anime season already underway, Funimation have announced that they have plenty of Summer simuldubs already in the works! Simuldubs have quickly gained popularity in recent years, and it’s evident that they’ve been very successful for Funimation.      Whilst the majority of these are new to this season, some of them including […]Read More

Shimoneta Review – Dirty Jokes are a Blessing Upon this

Shimoneta is a weird anime, you guys. A real weird anime. Its concept of a world where dirty jokes and sex aren’t allowed intrigued me, and its over-the-top humour and willingness to make the most of this concept kept my interest until the end. Shimoneta never relaxes and I agree with SOX — dirty jokes […]Read More

Steins;Gate The Movie Out Now in North America

Funimation have just released today Steins;Gate The Movie: Load Region of Déjà Vu as a Blu-ray and DVD Combi package in North America. This also features the celebrated English dub cast returning to reprise their roles from the series.     Check it out on Funimation (NA link)   Steins;Gate The Movie flips the script a […]Read More

My Hero Academia Review – Season 1 (Anime)

My Hero Academia is a fairly recent Shonen Jump manga that’s caused a bit of stir with its sudden popularity. It’s only natural that a popular Shonen Jump serial should get an anime adaptation, but they don’t always work out so well. So, have Bones done a good job with it?   Streaming on Funimation […]Read More

Absolute Duo Review (Anime)

Absolute Duo is the pinnacle of average but you know what? I quite enjoyed it. I ended up watching all twelve episodes through two sittings and although it had me rolling my eyes and grimacing more than a couple of times, I found myself having a lot of fun with Absolute Duo.   Absolute Duo […]Read More

Show by Rock!! Review (Anime) – Not Particularly Jammin’

Show by Rock!! wouldn’t have been amiss on a children’s TV channel with its aesthetic, emphasis on CGI, and people who turn into talking animal-like beings but this is aimed at adults too, and I can’t say that it was something I particularly enjoyed.   Cyan Hijirikawa is sucked into her phone into another world, […]Read More

Brothers Conflict Review (Anime)

I don’t mind a bit of otome and Rice Digital likes to cover a whole lot of otome-related stuff, as you might’ve seen, and Brother’s Conflict is one of them. Thirteen step-brothers are at odds to win their new step-sisters love and yes, you read that right, all thirteen of them have a crush on […]Read More

Mikagure School Suite Review (Anime)

Mikagure School Suite and I got off on the right foot where two students with magical powers were having an all-out battle, but then I’m quickly introduced to the irritating Eruna Ichinomiya who picks her what high school to attend based on a girl who she finds to be cute.   I’m also introduced to […]Read More

No-Rin Review (Anime)

I went in thinking No-Rin would be a slice of life anime revolving around a retired idol’s transfer to a quiet, in the middle of nowhere village where many of the students at school are learning to be farmers. What I got, however, was a hilarious comedy packed with great references!   When idol Yuka […]Read More

Steins;Gate The Movie Release Date Announced by Funimation

Funimation already teased us all with an announcement that we could expect their release in 2017, but now they’ve finally announced an actual Steins;Gate The Movie release date! Steins;Gate The Movie – Load Region of Déjà Vu will release 28th March 2017! It is the will of Steins Gate!   Steins;Gate: The Movie – Load Region […]Read More