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Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter Available To Pre-Order at Funstock

The Self Balancing Scooter, or The Hoverboard if you prefer, is one of the latest and greatest innovations to arrive in the UK and online retailer Funstock.co.uk are proud to announce that it is currently available to pre-order for only £219.99; with stock expected during the first week of November. This stylish self-balancing scooter is the perfect personal transportation device that […]Read More

Christmas Jumpers with Street Fighter, Sonic, Fallout and Star Wars

Last year a small selection of Christmas Jumpers, with designs inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter and PlayStation franchises, were released into the wild; and now this year Numskull have revealed that a wider range of these gaming themed Christmas Jumpers will be coming soon.   How soon you ask? Well they are available to pre-order right […]Read More

EGX 2015: Tornado Energy Drink Review & How To Open

You can’t run an exhibition as cool as EGX without a few sponsors. The nice chaps at Tornado gave us free cans of their energy drink, as official partners of EGX (they gave these to everyone pretty much).       We take a look at the drink over lunch, and wrestle with its complex […]Read More

Massive Guilty Gear & Naruto Discounts Using Our Funstock Digital

Our partners at Funstock Digital are running a massive sale across some big publishers, including Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, and many others. Once again they’ve got some great Japanese games on offer, including some pretty hefty Guilty Gear & Naruto discounts. And, using our coupon code, you can save a further 25%!     Guilty Gear […]Read More

Tengami Steam Key Only £2.62 with Funstock Digital Coupon Code

While Tengami isn’t a Japanese developed game (it’s Nyamyam, an indie UK team comprised of ex-Rare and ex-Acquire employees) it definitely takes a lot of queues from Japanese culture. Stunningly crafted it takes place inside the world of a Japanese pop-up book. It uses the setting to full advantage as you adventure through lots of wonderful pages. […]Read More

Naruto Shippuden Steam Deals – FunStock / Rice Coupon

The manga finished at just the end of last year, and some wounds take some time to heal. Luckily the Naruto anime is still running, and there’s still plenty of great games too! We’re pleased to come together with our partners at FunStock Digital to offer a couple of fantastic deals on Naruto Shippuden Steam […]Read More

Rice Digital Easter Challenge

Everyone knows that Easter is the time of rebirth, foil-covered chocolate eggs, and mildly-suggestive cropped images. Posing one of life’s difficult questions: ‘Egg, Boob, or Butt?’, we decided to create the Rice Digital Easter Challenge.       Easter is a tough time for Katsuragi, Senran Kagura’s resident sexual harasser. In case you hadn’t noticed, eggs […]Read More