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Top 5 Best Anime Couples That Will Make Your Heart

Sometimes you watch anime for the high-octane action, sometimes you watch it for the anime tiddies and fan service, and sometimes, you watch it to make your heart all warm inside. Following on from our Top 5 anime kisses list, we thought we’d list the top 5 best anime couples.   What are your top […]Read More

Love, Chunibyou and Other Delusions! Heart Throb Review (Anime)

I found Love, Chunibyou and Other Delusions! to be one of those shows that grew on me more long after I’d watched it. Maybe I didn’t have a Kyoto Animation-shaped hole that needed filling at one point, but I definitely have more interest in their shows now and Chunibyou is currently my favourite of theirs. […]Read More

Panties Come In Rice Exclusive Gal Gun Double Peace Mr

Well… Kind of. Our Rice Exclusive Gal Gun Double Peace Mr Happiness Edition comes with something that’s definitely a screen cleaner in some kind of mysterious shape… And it also comes with a whole heap of other cool stuff too! Take a peek!     That’s right, we’re majorly happy to announce that we’ll be exclusively […]Read More

Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions Review (Anime)

Kyoto Animation and I have a pretty rough relationship in that I’ve not really enjoyed anything I’ve seen from them but, from what I have, Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions is the one I’ve enjoyed most although I’m not a particularly big fan of it.   Having originally seen it a year or so ago […]Read More

Love poems to my videogame crushes

‘I’m in the mood for love!’ – as I’m often heard whispering, to complete strangers at my local bus station – before scurrying away sideways like some kind of disgusting crab. I’m also in the mood for a little Valentines stupidity – thanks to that Senran Kagura Valentine e-card doing the rounds.     So, […]Read More

Valentines Day Special: Ruri Shot!!

Happy Valentine’s Day. For this special occasion I decided to review a game that has love as the main theme. Released by Mount Punch in 2003 Ruri Shot is a simple single screen shooter. Filled with flying hearts, cute girls and colorful visuals it’s a great game to try out today.     You play […]Read More