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Joker From Persona 5 Coming To Smash Ultimate Tomorrow!

Well, we never saw this coming (sorry). Nintendo surprised us with a video detailing an upcoming update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate that will bring with it Joker from Persona 5, along with his own stage, music and various other mode additions and updates coming on April 18th 2019 (tomorrow).   The new playable fighter, […]Read More

Main Stage EVO 2019 Line-Up Revealed!

I’m a huge fighting game fan. I mean, I’m not very good at them but I enjoy playing them, and really enjoy watching them. I destroy my sleeping pattern annually watching EVO (because of those US timezone things), and so I’ve been looking forward to the EVO 2019 line-up.   Via a video last night, […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review (Switch)

You all know Super Smash Bros., that fighting game that a lot of people claim isn’t a fighting game where you can play as Kirby and wipe the moustache off Mario’s face with a hammer? Well, Nintendo have only gone and released Sakurai from the asylum he lives in to make another one – Super […]Read More

Leaked Full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Appears?!

OK, rumours are just rumours and it’s especially rightful to be dubious when they originate from 4chan, but what appears to be a leaked full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster has been making the rounds! Thanks, ResetEra for the info!     Before being picked up by 4chan, the images in question were supposedly shown […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Preview

We were all there to see it during E3. Everyone Is Here. An awesome call to arms and klaxon for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. At the NintendoUKVS event last weekend, I got some extensive playtime on the upcoming brawler, so wanted to share some of my thoughts with you fine folk.   First […]Read More