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3 smart educational visual novels designed to teach you

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tokyo Colorful Days and Go! Go! Nippon! -My First Trip to Japan-, two well-known visual novels where we follow two lovely ladies into districts of Japan, learning locations and Japanese phrases while falling in love. And what did that teach us? A lot I’m sure, but not enough! So let’s […]Read More

Our 10 favourite visual novel couples

Within even the more adventure or sci-fi focused visual novels, coupling options are plentiful. For such a big list, this one was a toughy. My choices for sure will change given the more visual novels I manage to finish, but as of 2020, these are my favourite visual novel couples across the genre I’ve had […]Read More

3 emotionally charged free visual novels you need to play

Who doesn’t love a good tear-jerking movie? Better yet, make that an emotional video game! We all know the heavy hitters; Triple-A games from the raw and unrelenting The Last of Us 2 to the more delicately subtle indie beauty’s like Celeste, each game can and does stur something within us. And if you ask […]Read More

5 Otome Side Characters We Wish Were Love Interests

Otome games are full of endearing and beloved characters you’re meant to fall head over heels for, but what happens when you’re falling for an unobtainable side character? This phenomenon has been coined by fans as the otome side characters syndrome, and it’s truly awful to have to experience. From the female best friends, to […]Read More

The 8 Best Visual Novel Songs

As a fan of Japanese music thanks to media such as anime and J-dramas, we all know video games can be just as much of a helpful source in discovering new artists and favourite songs. We will be looking at my 8 best visual novel songs ever. No artist will be taking a spot twice […]Read More

Aokana Releases August 21, Pre-Order Limited Edition Now!

PQube and developer NekoNyan have revealed that Aokana: Four Rhythms Across The Blue will be releasing on August 21 2020. Along with the release date, a limited edition for the Nintendo Switch was also revealed – which you can pre-order with us here! As previously announced, PQube will be handling the release of this award-winning […]Read More

My Secret Pets! Is Heading To Switch

My Secret Pets!, the otome visual novel, has been revealed to be heading to Nintendo Switch on April 30! The game is already available on iOS and Android, and has been for quite some time. You can also play the game on Steam. My Secret Pets! will be available for 1,580 yen on the Nintendo […]Read More

Top 10 Best Games With Dating Sim Elements

Video game genres such as otome games have a focus on our main characters pairing off with another character in the game, usually due to the player’s choices forcing them on a specific route, or just simply by player’s’ passionate and relentless pursuing. Hybrid games from puzzle-solving to RPG’s feature dating sim elements that adds […]Read More

The 9 Best Mystery Visual Novels To Keep You Mystified

The visual novel genre has amassed quite the appeal. The genre has successfully mixed different styles of gameplay and mechanics to reach and captivate a variety of gamers in the past. For example, RPG’s such as Fire Emblem use visual novel elements when progressing the story outside of combat and building unit relationships. Much like […]Read More

ATRI: My Dear Moments and Adabana Odd Tales Coming To

Aniplex have announced ATRI: My Dear Moments and Adabana Odd Tales will be coming to Steam in 2020 here in the West! The news of the visual novel releases came from Aniplex.EXE, the visual novel arm of Aniplex, and these two new releases are the first in hopefully many more from the publisher!   Catch […]Read More