Check Fan’s Favourite Characters in Tales of Festival Poll

 Check Fan’s Favourite Characters in Tales of Festival Poll

Who’s your favourite Tales of character? The latest Tales of Festival poll reveals fan’s favourite thirty characters and the results may surprise you. Taking place over on the official Tales of Japanese website, fans clamoured to vote for who they believe deserved the number one spot.


Have a look below to see where your favourite characters place, if they place at all.


tales of festival poll


The thirty people are:


  1. Mikleo – Tales of Zestiria
  2. Ludger Kresnik – Tales of Xillia 2
  3. Luke fon Fabre – Tales of the Abyss
  4. Asbel Lhant – Tales of Graces
  5. Eizen – Tales of Berseria
  6. Sorey – Tales of Zestiria
  7. Velvet Crowe – Tales of Berseria
  8. Jude Mathis – Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2
  9. Zelos Wilder – Tales of Symphonia
  10. Judas – Tales of Destiny 2
  11. Lloyd Irving – Tales of Symphonia
  12. Raven – Tales of Vesperia
  13. Jade Curtiss – Tales of the Abyss
  14. Emil Castagnier – Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  15. Flynn Scifo – Tales of Vesperia
  16. Guy Cecil – Tales of the Abyss
  17. Alisha Diphda – Tales of Zestiria
  18. Pascal – Tales of Graces
  19. Milla Maxwell – Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2
  20. Edna – Tales of Zestiria
  21. Laphicet – Tales of Berseria
  22. Rokurou Rangetsu – Tales of Berseria
  23. Rita Mordio – Tales of Vesperia
  24. Kratos Aurion – Tales of Symphonia
  25. Spada Belforma – Tales of Innocence
  26. Magilou – Tales of Berseria
  27. Reid Hershel – Tales of Eternia
  28. Reala – Tales of Destiny 2
  29. Colette Brunel – Tales of Symphonia
  30. Alvin – Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2


So there you have it, the entire list! Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri Lowell and Tales of Destiny’s Leon Magnus don’t appear here as they’ve been in the number one spot multiple times, and therefore have a spot in the Tales of Festival’s “Hall of Fame”. Are you happy with the results? What would your top ten look like? Let us know but I’m pretty impressed that the series’ rich history is explored here.

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