New Teaser Image for Upcoming Digimon Adventure Movie

Last year, a new Digimon Adventure movie was announced, following the key characters when they’re in their twenties. It’s cute to have all these different iterations that let us see the DigiDestined grow up! Now, the first teaser image for the upcoming film has been revealed, featuring Tai and Agumon.


New Teaser Image for Upcoming Digimon Adventure Movie

It’s a very simple image, but I think it says a lot! Character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru based the image on a scene in the movie, and the tweet revealing it states “Please remember Taichi and Agumon this way until the movie releases”. Mysterious!


We don’t know much about the upcoming film, but it’s exciting to have it in the works! Nostalgia’s a powerful thing, huh? It’s still nice to see new projects featuring the Digimon Adventure cast. Now if we could just get something including the Digimon Adventure 02 characters as well, I”ll be super happy!


The Digimon Adventure movie is due to release in Japan in spring 2020.

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