The 10 Best Gamer Girls In Video Games

Who doesn’t love gamer girls? After our features consisting of our favourite waifus from Xenoblades Chronicles and Bleach, it’s high time we discuss the best of the very best: the ladies in video games. With only 10 spaces available on the list and a limitation in not having met nor interacted with every gamer girl video games has to offer, your favourite may be missing on the list. Be sure to fill us in on the comments below if so!

Abigail from Stardew Valley

Abigail, much like her best friends Sam and Sebastian, are the residential gamers of Stardew Valley. This is established early on between the player character and Abigail in her first heart event, as the player character enters her room to sees her rage (we’ve all been there before!) at the video game she is currently playing called Journey of the Prairie King. She asks for the player’s help in completing the stage. This moment is the beginning to a beautiful friendship.. or maybe more? Abigail is a creative, adventurous, quartz-eating sweetheart who is many players’ first choice as their marriage candidate.

In the wise words of Abigail herself: “It’s the weekend! That means I can play twice as many video games. Bye.” – A true indicator that she’s a keeper!

Arisaka Mashiro from Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

Mashiro is not only a gamer, but an otaku as well. She immediately ticks two boxes! To show just how much of a gamer she is, it’s revealed that she has to wear glasses due to her eyesight worsening through her tendency to play games for too long. Throughout the story its clear that the only thing she loves more than games is her classmate Misaki Tobisawa, and gradually the player character, Masaya, who grows closer to the otaku gamer after he gifts her a spare PSV, a parody of the PSP of course.

This opens up the possibility of the two to play video games together, their game choice being familiar to many gamers. The game is called MonEat, a Monster Hunter parody often referenced in other visual novels in which we will see again in the 6th spot on this list. Mashiro’s route is full of fluff and cute moments, with the video game talk being the icing on the cake.

Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Chiaki is a fan favourite within the wide cast of characters in the Danganronpa universe, and as the ‘Ultimate Gamer’, there can be no denying Chiaki’s rightful placement on this list. Despite her inability to effectively play one of the best genres out there – the dating simulator games – Chiaki enjoys playing video games for the simple fact we can all understand: for fun. She enjoys any and every genre of gaming, with a notable mention of even the “crappy games” (kusoge, a famous example being Takeshi’s Castle) she will attempt to play. Even though its for fun, she admits to being so focused on playing video games that she forgets to breathe, and especially sleep, with Hajime taking notice of her sleep deprived state during certain moments of the game.

Another important detail in Chiaki’s appeal not to be missed is within her dialogue, a personal highlight being “Apparently Mikan has never played video games before. She’s totally missing out on 90% of her life.” Truer words have never been spoken before. Such comedic flare can also be seen during her free time events, where she references other video games. An example of this is Dead Rising and my personal favourite, dating simulator Tokimeki Memorial, where her romantic remark goes right over Hajime’s head.

D.Va from Overwatch

Hana Song, best known by her hero name D.Va is a tank unit from Blizzard’s first person shooter game Overwatch. On your team, D.Va is a capable ally with her always viable ultimate “Self-Destruct” (If you’re the enemy and you hear “nerf this”, run!) and one of the best in movement for a tank with her boosters. D.Va is a friend on the battlefield, and a girl after our own hearts with her passion in gaming that led to her position as the MEKA pilot we know and love today. This is notable even in Overwatch’s emotes such as the adorable “Game On”. As a positive role model who shows how women can excel in playing video games, D.Va is an immediately memorable candidate as a girl gamer.

She is in fact a professional gamer, having ranked as the top player in a video game called Mecha Guardian V during her high school years, and as a young adult, uses her skills to protect her homeland under threat. D.Va’s iconic quotes in battle such as “I play to win” and “I’m going to own all these noobs” shows her confidence in her abilities and perception of battles as a game, all best witnessed in the short “Shooting Star”.

Futaba Sakura from Persona 5

Futaba has single-handily been stealing players’ hearts since the release of Persona 5 back in 2016. A hikikomori (shut-in) through and through, Futaba is a computer wiz, and spends most of her time other than sleeping playing video games. Her favourite video game genre is sci-fi which is best exemplified by her UFO styled Persona. She explains that the genre is her favourite as it offers the best form of escapism.

With such a stellar cast of characters in Persona 5, especially within her buddy group of the infamous Phantom Thieves, Futaba proves to be the highlight during events effortlessly through her quirky and relatable dialogue, body language, and initial social anxiety she learns to overcome.

Inaba Meguru from Sabbat of the Witch

Meguru is yet another bubbly and cheerful gamer, but her preference in playing video games is single player. At least initially. Just like Arisaka Misako, Meguru and the player character spend time together and grow closer by playing the video game MonHun (Monster Hunter, of course!) on their 3DWs (3DS parody, surely!). Her favourite genres are RPG and otome games, and as a fellow gamer of the latter, Meguru’s unusual choice in the way she confesses to the player character is comedy gold and one of the most memorable moments in Sabbat of the Witch. Meguru warms the heart, and with her sunny disposition and unrelenting energy, she puts her love rivals to shame.

Iris Sagan from AI: The Somnium Files

Iris Sagan, better known by her stage name A-set, may not be an obvious choice as a gamer at first. Iris is a high schooler, an idol, a songwriter for the company Lemniscate, and a Let’s Player. According to her official bio, her hobbies are watching movies, learning about the occult, and playing video games. The latter is best shown by the game’s genius marketing.

Located on YouTube is the account of A-set, Lemiscate English, where she has retained her voice actress and played other games of Spike Chunsoft’s such as Zanki Zero, as well as Let’s Plays of AI: The Somnium Files at release. The entertainment value is off the chart, with part 2 of her playthough featureing her friend and fan Ota joining in on the fun, and many other uploads consisting of vlogs including Q+A’s and top lists.

Iris has such charm and charisma that it makes you almost understand the intentions of the reviewer who bombed the game at release because he believed Iris did not get the screentime she deserved. True story! Protect Iris (and the game’s review scores) at all costs!

Merui Lucas from RE: Alistair

Merui Lucas is a relatable high schooler with a main hobby consisting of gaming which fills up her time and schedule when she’s at home. She also happens to be the player character. How fitting! RE: Alistair is an otome game, and its protagonist’s favourite game is the MMORPG Rivenwell Online, where her alias is RuiOfTheSword. The story of RE: Alistair kicks off in this game within a game universe, as a player called Alistair steals a rare item Merui has obtained. To exact revenge, Merui attempts to locate this mystery thief in her school. RE: Alistair is a very well known and well regarded otome, and with a protagonist easily align-able and understood to players from the offset, it’s not hard to see why.

Mukou Aoi from YOU and ME and HER

Nitroplus’ YOU and ME and HER is best played blind, therefor Aoi’s placement on this list will be described as loosely as possible. Throughout the game, Aoi will make references to other video games and tropes, from dating sims to visual novels. Her dialogue on her favourite hobby that relates to the player may stump their character, but its an immediate draw that effectively grabs our attention and affection. Simply put, the fact that her mind is always on video games is only one reason as to why she beats her love rival Miyuki for best girl.

Tsukino Mashiro from Making*Lovers

Making*Lovers is a romantic comedy and recent release from Smee on Steam. Mashiro is the girl next door, your coworker, and oddball. Mashiro appears mysterious, but is quite quirky once you choose to date her. Never one to make sense, her initial appeal is arguably her relatable preference in staying in her room all day to game. This interest in video games causes the protagonist to be jealous at the sight of her 50+ retro shelved games in her room (and many others aesthetically illustrated all scattered out on the floor).

Mashiro explains her fondness to older games is due to their difficulty, yet another similarity to the protagonist and one example of their sweet bonding moments. Her puns, discussion on video game tropes such as amnesiac heroes, and passion when speaking of her favourite game, the management simulation “Convenience Store Wars” makes Mashiro a bundle of endearing laughs. And she plays an otome game called “Prison Hunks”. She’s the best.

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