The Big Runback – BlazBlue Chronophantsma Extend Calendar Advert

We’ve been super excited to be involved with the European launch of BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend – the latest entry in one of our favourite fighting series by one of our favourite developers, Arc System Works. We jumped at the chance to make an exclusive BlazBlue Chronophantsma Extend Calendar. Here’s a peak!



Every FGC veteran or member-to-be could benefit from the mastery over time that the BlazBlue Chronophantsma Extend Calendar can provide! Feast your eyeballs on these:


calendar-01 calendar-02
calendar-03 calendar-04
calendar-05 calendar-06
calendar-07 calendar-08
calendar-09 calendar-10
calendar-11 calendar-12


Every day is another day you can be levelling up your fighting game, attending new events, and most importantly making new friends.


As a side note, why not check out FGC Bob Ross on Twitter if you’re looking to feel good about the FGC?

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