Tokyo Ghoul Creator Bringing Jack Jeanne To Nintendo Switch

We do love a good surprise announcement, especially if that announcement is really intriguing. As such, and given our love of rhythm games, we’re very interested in Jack Jeanne, a “girls opera” game from Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida, and published by Broccoli, which is coming to Switch in 2020 in Japan.


As we mentioned, Jack Jeanne consists of rhythm game parts, combined with simulation parts. During the simulation parts, the player can work on their relationships with their classmates as the protagonist, while aiming for the lead role in the school play at the end of the year. During rhythm game parts, the player can enjoy dance performances with 3D characters.


The story follows the opera troupe, Tamasaka, which consists only of men, who also play women. The troupe owns the Univers Opera School, which raises actors while putting on performances. Every performance invites the audience to an overwhelmingly flashy world and never fails to keep their attention. The talented students of the hard-to-enter school are broken up into four classes to study theater, as well as compete for the title of Top Class at Univers.



The protagonist, Kisa Tachibana, who had given up on a life of theater, receives special permission to attend Univers Opera School following a certain event as long as she fulfills two conditions. One of those conditions is to star in the final performance at the end of the year and the other is to hide the fact that she is a woman… To make her dreams come true, and to help her pupils, the protagonist will deepen her bonds with the classmates that become her “cogs.”


Game Specifications:
  • – Release Date: 2020 (Japan)
  • – Developer: Broccoli
  • – Original Work: Sui Ishida
  • – Character Design: Sui Ishida
  • – Scenario: Shin Towada / Sui Ishida
  • – Music: Akira Kosemura
  • – Concept Art: Rounin
  • – Choreography: Seishiro
  • Publisher: Broccoli



We’re undeniably interested in this, especially as the art looks amazing (our favourite character is Orimaki Suzu, seen above). But what do you think? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter, and check back for more coverage of this game and other Japanese titles. You can watch the teaser trailer below.


Jack Jeanne is set to release in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. More information can be found on the game’s official website.



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