Toshiba Promote Fridges With VEGETA x Vegeta Campaign

Toshiba have started a very interesting social media VEGETA x Vegeta campaign across Twitter and Instagram to promote their VEGETA fridges. Yeah, you can see where this is going, and it’s amazing.


VEGETA x Vegeta campaign

The VEGETA x Vegeta campaign encourages Japanese social media users to post pictures of home-made meals on Twitter or Instagram with the contest hashtags for a chance to win prizes. The prizes are a 3 month supply of fresh vegetables, a Vegeta-themed okonomiyaki spatula set, or both.


VEGETA x Vegeta campaign

The bizarre and fantastic campaign runs until 28th February 2017, and I can’t help but wonder how much the spatula sets will go for on eBay. Nice one, Toshiba.

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