UDON Announces Persona 4 Manga in English – Coming September

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Persona over here at Rice. And, while we can’t always agree which is the best one, it has to be said that Persona 4 was certainly something special. There’s a reason why Persona 4 managed to find its audience much easier than the rest, and why it’s such an essential title for Japanese game fans. The story is small, intimate, personal. Many Persona fans even get into it through the anime!


But, there’s also a Persona 4 manga too. But, besides fan translations, the manga version of Persona 4 has never been available outside of Japan. Until now that is. Udon Entertainment, one of our favourite publishers of manga and delicious video game artbooks, will begin publishing the manga in English this year.




“I’ve played the Persona 4 games and I’ve seen the anime from beginning to end, and yet the manga has still offered me a fresh, new perspective on this fantastic story,” said Ash Paulsen, UDON’s Senior Editor. “It’s an experience that the games and anime can’t quite replicate, thanks to manga’s uniqueness as a storytelling medium.”

Udon Entertainment will be publishing Volume 1 of Persona 4: the Manga in September, with subsequent volumes releasing bi-monthly into 2016.


Persona 4 Volume 1
ISBN: 978-1-927925-57-7
DETAILS: 160pgs, 5.75×8.25″, B&W, Softcover
MSRP:  $13.99
RELEASE DATE:  September 2015


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