Waifu Wednesday: Faith Connors (Mirror’s Edge)

Once again I am on a roll in reminiscing about iconic female protagonists found within video games. So it will come as no surprise to you that my next Waifu Wednesday is dedicated to the one and only Faith Connors, the main character of the uniquely parkour title Mirror’s Edge, as well as its sequel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Since the initial release of Mirror’s Edge alongside the original character design of Faith herself her character has remained a beloved example of badassery when it comes to being an incredible role model as a female protagonist. Here’s a little more about her and her game – one in which remains grossly underappreciated even to this day.

Please do note that minor spoilers are mentioned.

Who is Faith?

Faith Connors is the main character of Mirror’s Edge, a game developed by DICE and EA that released back in 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Set in a futuristic utopia that is actually a dystopian nightmare for anyone and everyone outside of its corrupt rulers, the everyday person is continuously monitored. This makes any form of communication controlled by its oppressive leaders. Only through the deployment of those whose occupation are a Runner can communication bypass the surveillance of this totalitarian government.

Our hero of this tale, Faith, is one such Runner, and happens to be one of the very best out there. Due to her being rebellious by nature thanks to her upbringing under fellow Runner and mentor Mercury as well as grown up with quite the tragic backstory, Faith’s past ultimately catches up with her when she brings it upon herself to right her sister’s wrongful assassination accusation. She’s been set-up. Faith is having none of that when her sister is one of the few good and well-intending souls that this beautiful yet oppressive city has within it.

Why we love her

As an action girl who does not actually depend or cover the typical expectations that come with the type of heroine she represents, Faith is one of the most enjoyable and unproblematic female main characters I have ever seen in gaming. For example, when we consider just her design alone then it makes perfect sense in the context of her dangerous job that requires being in athletic wear at every waking moment. At the same time she perfectly looks the part, in all the ways that her lifestyle and cocky attitude demands.

So focusing on the latter now to reinforce this exact statement, Faith can basically be summed up with a few words to capture what her character represents. These could easily be driven, adventurous, brave and righteous. Considering what her job entails these defining traits she has happens to be ideal for her to not only exceed but go beyond her limits to see her goals through. Said motivates of hers also happens to be highly personal to her own storyline but also for the greater good since her mission, if she was to fail, puts the entire city and the innocent lives of the majority in jeopardy.

Why you will love her

Faith is not only agile but she’s just as much of a threat in hand-to-hand combat. Despite this detail, any form of said combat in the game is entirely optional. The game instead encourages the challenge of playing through each level as quickly as possible, going for stealth rather than ambushing in order to prove that Faith is the most efficient Runner around. At the same time it also reinforces many notable traits as described in the game about Faith, such as her being able to use her wits and cunny nature.

This even better illustrates a rather vague detail about her character if players stick true to who she is since she has a dislike of using guns or resorting to violence – as notably linked to her trauma. For a game entailing conspiracy, betrayal and revenge, Faith was and always will be a victim to the circumstances around her. She not only lost both her father and mother due to the events of the November Riots before the game’s current overlords took over its government but her mission as an adult now is to not allow another family member to meet an untimely death due to the unjust world they are technically prisons in.

But throughout all of this, despite Faith being a lone warrior, she manages to pull off some truly impressive stunts during escapes, showcase her skills at being a ninja in disguise and eventually get the greatest prize in the context of the game’s story and setting – the obtainment of the truest form of freedom in the end.

There’s a lot to love about Mirror’s Edge that’s not completely due to Faith’s character but is still linked to what her overall design tells us. Even as basic as her name choice. Her name takes on a double meaning when considering the context of the game. Not only does Faith see through the many troubling and stressful events of the game by taking numerous leaps of faith, but the reason for her sister’s significance to its world is a showcase of Faith keeping the faith for the greater good. It all comes together to make quite the spectacular retrospective.

If there’s one thing that’s better than talking about Mirror’s Edge then it’s playing the game. Find out for yourself on Steam.

Lilia Hellal
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