Hump Day Husbandos: Scott Howl (Monster Prom)

For how much of a fan I am of dating sims, I have only recently realised that I have yet to touch upon one of the most popular ones out there. The beloved Monster Prom franchise has seen three instalments and numerous DLCs release for each entry. That can only be a good thing when its precious romanceable candidates can ever so quickly obtain a special place in that heart of yours, making you wish the many events that include them tripled when you have exhausted all opportunities to see them.

In any case, that special monster for me is Scott Howl, Spooky Academy’s resident hunk/jock, so here’s an entire article dedicated to just him because my mind and heart still has yet to recover from getting to know him. It’s been a good few years since my initial playthrough of Beautiful Glitch’s very first release of the franchise and yet this wolf himbo still takes up so much of my headspace. It really is terrifying.

Who is Scott Howl?

Scott is one of the six original romanceable characters of Monster Prom, one who is sorely missed as a main love interest in its sequel, Monster Camp, but who takes most of the spotlight once more with its third instalment in Monster Roadtrip. That’s not to say that he will also be your cup of tea but Scott Howl is undeniably the biggest sweetheart of the franchise.

He’s first introduced as the jock of the game, being skilled at all things sports related but later expanded upon as a monster who is more fleshed out. This includes his origins being revealed and goals being added to his characterisation. So while he already sets our heart ablaze by being adorable, any bit of added depth makes him just that bit more endearing. As if that was any more possible though.

Why we love him

This hunk of a jock is arguably the warmest romanceable character of the lot. We’re including the franchise as a whole here and that’s because of two particular reasons. Scott not only does the least of any morally questionable actions one may or may not experience from the numerous events each instalment has to offer but he also happens to require the easiest stats to win his heart with.

You just need high enough heart points, meaning that your personality stats do not come into play when wooing him. For a game that is accepting of anyone and everyone since all its romanceable characters are pursuable regardless of how you identity, Scott is singlehandedly the character who represents this core ideology of the game most when taking in this simple fact.

Why you will love him

It goes without saying just how much of a big softie Scott is. He is a proud and unashamed himbo, relaying to his friends and even the player pursuing him that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. But that’s just one example of adding depth to his character through his own putting down of himself. Being both honest and sensitive, Scott is always well-intending but through further exploration of his character it showcases where such flaws of his can be seen and appreciated.

Scott seemingly struggles with an inner conflict and his own worth/self-acceptance. He expresses evident difficulty in overcoming personal past grievances. These involve parental abandonment, the prevailing issue of not having a father figure in his life and becoming unable to form his own identity outside of the Wolfpack – his cousins who are tend to act out due to their shared past but in a less than friendly manner, making them contrast with Scott’s own way of coping.

This brings a newfound appreciation to his already wonderful qualities. Scott is a compassionate, supportive do-gooder who also happens to be the least malicious of the entire romanceable characters. He is quite simply an endearing knucklehead. For as much as he is naïve, gullible and dense he makes up for being a ray of sunshine who has an endless amount of positivity to share with the world. He’s quite nuanced and grounded in his struggle with being confident in himself since he is not at all as dim witted as he believes himself to be – he’s not only good at maths but has a keen interest in astronomy, bless him.

Scott is one of many darlings you should get better acquainted with from the Monster Prom franchise, so be sure to check it out via Steam.

Lilia Hellal
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