White Day Out Now on PS4, Has a Bizarre & Hilarious Beachwear DLC Trailer!?

White Day is out now on PlayStation 4. It’s a great release of the legendary Korean horror game, filled with spine-chilling moments of heart-in-your-mouth sneaking. But that’s not what’s most important right now. What is important? The crazy outfit DLC, including this mad beachwear DLC trailer.



You can pick up White Day on PS4 from us here for only £24,79!


The beachwear DLC not only adds bikini costumes for the girls, but some bizarre, terrifying-for-a-whole-other-reason outfits for the janitors to wear as they hunt you down. Have you ever been beaten to death by a large, wet fish?



But that’s not all! White Day also features some other weird bits of DLC, including a horror pack that references some classic horror characters, apple school uniform pack, and perhaps most strangely of all a BlazBlue costume pack?


To celebrate the console release of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School we’re also adding DLC costumes that will add a new twist to the terrors of White Day. Tackle the summer heatwave with the Beachwear Costume Set, prepare for adventures with the Horror Costume Set, or defy the wheel of fate with exclusive cross-over BLAZBLUE Costume Set.


Though, unfortunately, you can’t use Ragna’s sword against the janitors or ghosts. I guess it’s just too big and heavy. Get used to running from Tager players, as usual.



White Day is out now on PlayStation 4 in Europe, and will be releasing 29th August in North America.

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