Yandere Simulator Lets You Trick Your Rival into Murder

In the latest video for Yandere Simulator the developer plays with the idea of having your love rival commit murder. Yandere-chan plots her latest scheme to get one of those filthy girls from her beloved senpai.



Yandere-chan slowly but surely persuades Kokona Musume to find and beat up a girl whose father has been tormenting Kokona’s father. The quarrel between Kokona and the girl quickly goes out of hand, ending in murder.


The video is made rather well, with decent art and even has multiple different voice actors. There are also some interesting clues as to the whole backstory of Yandere-chan neat the end.



As always you can head to the Yandere Simulator official site and grab the latest download. If you like what you see you can also support the project on Patreon.


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