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We did it, everyone. We made it a quarter of the way through the year, and it has been an amazing one for JRock already. Not only have there been some incredible albums released already, but the trail of singles that have hit us so far has been on a whole other level. So much so that there are some great songs by some of my favourite acts that actually didn’t make the cut this month.

In my ongoing effort to bring you some of the freshest JRock that we have, here are some of the best songs that got me through March. Give them a listen and be sure to check out even more music on the Rice Digital Spotify Playlist.

Good Boys Like an Angel by Sukoyaka Kids

Punk rock is at its best when it is an unfiltered, chaotic thing, and that is what we get in this song from Sukoyaka Kids. Full of bold energy and youthful exuberance, this band embraces that sensation and delivers a vocal performance that is both beautiful and desperate at the same time. It is both fun and heartfelt. It is, if I am honest, some of the best punk I have heard in a while.

What makes this more impressive is that these kids, who came together in 2021 after becoming friends at university in Kichijoji, are so fresh on the scene. This is their first-ever single and that makes them all the more exciting to listen to. I cannot wait to hear what they bring us in the coming years if this is where they’re starting. I would take it as a personal favour if all of you could give them a listen; this is a band that deserves your support.

Pardon? by Otoboke Beaver

Speaking of chaotic, Otoboke Beaver have a new album coming out in May. Otoboke Beaver have been touring since 2009 and have travelled around the world, embracing the louder, harder sound of punk rock along the way. They’ve supported some of our favourite bands like X Japan and Shonen Knife, but come away with a sound that is all their own and we love them for it.

Pardon? is a song that starts fast and never lets up, pushing themselves to be louder and prouder than they’ve been before. The video is a mixture of punk energy with pop art aesthetics, further adding to the sensation of lost control that comes from the song. This is a song that is begging to be experienced live, preferably in a mosh pit.

Rock the World by [Alexandros]

More on the theatrical side of JRock, the band [Alexandros] have been putting out phenomenal albums for more than a decade, though they used to be called [Champagne] before changing their name in 2014 at the request of the Bureau du Champagne in Japan. No matter what they go by, they make some of the most well-polished and produced JRock on the planet, with Yoohei Kawakami’s vocals being a real stand-out in the band.

Rock the World showcases the power behind those vocals along with Ib Riad’s stellar work behind the drumkit. Also, take note of the guitar solo at around 3:20 into the music video because it is absolutely gorgeous. The song is all about finding your place in the world and breaking out of your shell of expectations, perfect motivation to take into the next quarter of 2022.

Got another band you’re jamming to at the moment? Be sure to drop us your JRock music recommendations on the Rice Digital Friday Letters page and we’ll see if we can include them in a future round up.

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