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We are quickly approaching the halfway point of the year, and it has already been a fantastic one for fans of JRock. New music from some of our favourite acts has gotten us through the cold days of winter and is keeping us motivated as we head into the summer months. As with every month, we’ve got both new and classic tracks that need to be on your playlist going forward.

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Did you know that we love Spy x Family here at Rice Digital? Cause we do. And this song is from one of the best scenes from the anime adaptation so far. The chaotic, jazzy number goes perfectly with the action as Loid-Man attempts to rescue Princess Anya from the dastardly claws of Lord Scruffy. It is a silly premise, but it gives us a chance to see Twilight’s spy skills in action as well as a drunken Yor wipe the floor with him.

(K)NoW_NAME is a Japanese vocal group best known for their contributions to anime soundtracks over the years, including Dorohedoro and Sakura Quest. This song for Spy x Family, called TBD, is a good example of their high-energy vocals and arrangements. Best of all, it is getting a physical release from Anime Limited in the coming months on both vinyl and CD alongside the rest of the stellar Spy x Family soundtrack.


Another returning favourite for us this month is MAN WITH A MISSION, with the dramatic and emotional Blaze. Off their upcoming album, Break and Cross the Walls II, this song was mentioned specifically during our chat with the band last week, so it is definitely worth having a listen to for fans of the band.

Blaze has a lot of what makes MAN WITH A MISSION one of the best JRock bands out there: big, dramatic vocals and powerful, skilled instruments backing them up, telling a story even if you don’t fully understand the lyrics. This is a band that has a lot of fun with their persona and their performances but is all business when it comes to making some of the best music in the world right now. They simply don’t miss and this is another example of that.

D City Rock by TeddyLoid featuring Debra Zeer

If you’re struggling with motivation at the moment, this JRock anthem is the one for you. It is set up as a performance by Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt – backed up by the constantly weird Chuck on bass – but even those who aren’t fans of the show will love this song for the absolute banging bassline and tongue-in-cheek vocals. Even though the show has been out for more than a decade, this song plays all the time in my house for a very good reason. It simply holds up beautifully.

TeddyLoid is a music producer who worked on most of the soundtrack to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, so this song feels right at home with the chaotic energy of the show. In fact, between the lyrics and the outrageously catchy bassline that pumps throughout the track, it feels more like the show’s theme song than the actual one.

That’s it for this month’s JRock Round-up. Remember that if you’ve got a track or a band that we have been sleeping on, be sure to let us know in the Rice Digital Friday Letters. We’re always looking for new music to add to our ever-growing playlists.

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