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There is nothing we like more here at Rice Digital than fresh music from some of our all-time favourite bands and that’s what we got this month. JRock never slows down, even as the weather gets cooler and cooler. If you’re looking for a fresh set of tracks to keep your blood flowing during the cold months, here are some of our top picks.

As always, you can find these songs and much more on the Rice Digital Spotify Playlist, which is updated every month with more music from across the JRock scene.

Divine Attack by BABYMETAL

Few bands in the world combine visual displays and a unique sound the way that BABYMETAL does. With the announcement of their new album coming out next year, the entire JRock community was busy anticipating the first music in four years from this kawaii metal supergroup. Divine Attack was what we got, and it didn’t disappoint. It is brash and harsh, with crisp vocals and a robust rhythm section to carry the song.

This has been described as a “visualiser” rather than a music video, which is certainly an interesting move from the group. Their image is tightly regulated and planned, so it is safe to assume that this chaotic visual expression will be a precursor to what the next phase of BABYMETAL’s career will hold. Their next album, The Other One, feels like a grand experiment waiting to happen and we can’t wait to see it unfold.

Bravehearted by Lovebites

Lovebites feel like the most dramatic of metal bands, with crisp, intricate guitar solos and soaring vocals. However, a metal band is only as good as its rhythm section and the group has been without a bassist since March 2021. During the hiatus that followed Miho, they’ve not released much new music. Fortunately, they’ve finally returned with a new bassist, Fami, and a fresh track take on a classic track.

Bravehearted is from Lovebites’ first studio album, but this new video shows Fami fitting into the band’s older tracks with surprising skill. It is probably a deliberate choice to have Fami debut during one of these older tracks, showing that she has spent the last four months working hard to integrate herself seamlessly into the group’s established sound. Hopefully, this means we’ll get a new album soon from this fast-rising JRock group.

Cry Out by TRiDENT

Rounding out this trio of great Japanese metal groups is TRiDENT, who have been steadily rising in the JRock world over the past few years. They’re stylish and loud, with the right mix of polish and chaos to do a little bit of everything. Like Lovebites, they’re a band on the rise in just a few short years.

Cry Out showcases everything that TRiDENT does well. The vocals are immediately identifiable, even set against the wall of sound that accompanies them. This is off the group’s first EP and follows up their first full album last year. Cry Out is a worthy successor to their previous track, Spoopy, which feels very appropriate for this time of year. TRiDENT is still early in their career and we can’t wait to see how they grow.

UP to ME by BiSH

BiSH has been flying the flag for alt-metal idol groups since 2015 and gives a unique take on their music. Since their first album, Brand-New Idol Shit, there has been little in the JRock world quite like BiSH. All good things must come to an end, unfortunately, and BiSH has announced that they will disband sometime in 2023.

UP to ME could be one of the last tracks we ever get from this group, which is a shame because it stands as one of their best offerings so far. It is as fast and furious as any metal group, with a distinctive visual style that manages to break new ground each time BiSH drops a new video. We love BiSH for being so over-the-top and fearless in the face of the relentless march of time.

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