5 of the best recent VTuber streams for your bank holiday viewing pleasure

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It’s a bank holiday! At least it is here in the UK. For anyone not from the UK, a bank holiday does not mean that just the banks get the day off — everyone gets the day off! Whoohoo!

But being the dedicated sorts we are, we thought we’d provide you with some entertainment to keep you occupied this Monday, whether you’re enjoying a drizzly August bank holiday like we are here in the UK, or if you’re slaving over a hot computer elsewhere in the world.

Hololive English second generation VTubers holoCouncil
Don’t forget to check out the holoCouncil’s debuts, too!

And what better form of fairly passive entertainment is there to enjoy on a lazy day than a nice VTuber stream? There have been some great ones of late, so here’s five favourites for you to enjoy. Should keep you busy for a few hours!

Calli teaches Haachama “bad words”

Hololive English’s Calliope Mori has done some fun collaborations since her debut — and has definitely developed her confidence in this regard, too. There’s still a touch of endearing awkwardness about this collaboration with the legendary Haachama, but for the most part it has an incredibly enjoyable “sleepover” vibe to it that will most certainly get you smiling.

Up at 6AM local time just to collaborate with Haachama, Calli has to keep her voice down so she doesn’t wake up her mum and dad (even your friendly local reaper has parents), which gives the whole thing the distinct sense of an older sister whispering forbidden truths to her younger sibling. And the sheer joy with which Haachama bellows things like “fuckboys” and “dogwater” is absolutely magical to see.

What’s that? You’re not enough of a Fortnite kiddie to know what “dogwater” means? Better watch this one, then, huh?

Obake PAM’s PNN weeb news

The energetic personality of Play-Asia mascot-turned-VTuber Obake PAM is always a pleasure to watch, and her occasional “PAM News Network” segments are a great way to catch up with the latest happenings in weeb and geek culture. In this latest installment, she enthuses over the shiny and new generation of Hololive English, the holoCouncil, as well as discussing some of the more peculiar recent happenings — such as Soulja Boy claiming that he owns Atari.

Be sure to check out Obake PAM’s “A Cappella August” posts, too — the girl’s got a hell of a set of pipes on her, and what better way to show them off than belting out a few classics in the depths of the Play-Asia warehouse? She also recently celebrated her six month anniversary as a VTuber — so go show her some love!

Fujikura Uruka gets buskin’

As we saw back when we explored relatively new VTuber group Phase Connect recently, Fujikura Uruka is a talented musician, particularly on the violin. And, rather delightfully, she’s been more than happy to demonstrate her skill on stream, providing an interesting twist on the popular “karaoke stream” format that a lot of other VTubers do on a fairly regular basis.

The stream was ostensibly to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, but she’s since smashed through that milestone and is closing in on 13K at the time of writing, meaning that she’s now overtaken her genmate and self-professed “cutest rabbit” Pipkin Pippa. And good on her — genuine talent is worth celebrating.

Selen and Finana play Metal Slug X

Further confirming her status as a retro gaming enthusiast, Selen Tatsuki from Nijisanji EN’s second generation OBSYDIA hosted her second Metal Slug-themed stream recently, this time bringing along everyone’s favourite NSFW fish Finana Ryugu for the ride. The result was as chaotic as you’d expect; while Finana is a perfectly capable gamer when it comes to modern games, Metal Slug was more than happy to chew her up and spit her out multiple times as the pair progressed through the missions — but they had a ton of fun playing regardless.

This stream is worth watching for the absolutely cursed end segment hosted by Finana, however. Those who have spent any time with Finana will not be surprised to learn that she spent a significant amount of time talking about the effect of fibre gummies on her poop, but those who are new to our feesh should consider themselves warned.

Mumei plays Journey

And it just wouldn’t be right to not feature at least one of the holoCouncil directly, now, would it? They’re all still very much establishing themselves at the moment in terms of figuring out what games they want to play and what sort of streams they want to host, but an early favourite of many people is Nanashi Mumei, whose calm, gentle voice and apparent resistance to swearing like a sailor (unlike most of her Hololive English compatriots) has endeared her to nearly a quarter of a million subscribers since her debut.

And Thatgamecompany’s Journey is absolutely the perfect game for her. Featuring vaguely defined goals and a sense of just sort of fumbling your way around until you discover something interesting, it works extremely well with Mumei’s somewhat scatterbrained nature — and seeing her gradually figuring out how she might be able to communicate with the other players she encounters is absolutely magical.

Those are our five top picks from recent VTuber history, but VTuber culture is an incredibly broad field, as I’m sure you all know! So please do share your own recent favourites down in the comments — or perhaps pen us a letter for the Rice Digital Friday Letters Page if you’d like to talk in more detail about your faves!

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