5 Things We Want From Today’s Nintendo Direct!

The gods have blessed us this day, for tonight we have a new Nintendo Direct to watch, consume feverishly, and then promptly complain about. In fact, we love the feeling of anticipation that comes with these broadcasts.


First things first, we know that the Direct will concentrate on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which we are fine with being huge fans of the franchise, so that won’t be in here, but surely there must be other things we want?


[1] Joker Gameplay for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Every since the phenomenal reveal that Joker from Persona 5 was coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at The Game Awards, Nintendo have been very quiet on the matter. They have dropped Piranha Plant for the game, which has been received well, but we’ve been holding out for more news of the leader of the Phantom Thieves.


This would be the perfect time as the previous DLC character has settled in nicely, and would be a massively hype-inducing opening to the Direct, especially if it came with a release date too. Also, on this note, maybe a tease of a Persona game on Switch while you’re at it Nintendo? Go on, you know you want to.


[2] SNES Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online



It’s no surprise that we would want this, with me being the huge fanboy of the SNES that I am, but this needs to exist. The library of games on the SNES was just simply phenomenal, including some of the best games of all time. In fact, I even wrote a short list of titles that I would want to be part of this, should it happen in the future.


Just do it Nintendo, we have little doubt that the announcement of this would increase the number of players paying for Nintendo Switch Online by a large amount, and also it would give newer players to Nintendo a chance to play some of your legacy titles, such as Super Metroid, StarFox, and Super Mario World.


[3] Literally any information about Animal Crossing Switch



We mean ANYTHING. Apart from knowing that it exists, we know nothing about this game, and want to know all of the things. Especially if Digby is coming back, because Digby is the best doggo. But seriously, we would love more information on this title because the Animal Crossing games really hit a spot that few others manage.


Being able to bring the experience of essentially micromanaging a village of animals on the go but play the same game with the same disparate mix of villagers on the TV appeals to us greatly, especially if they bring back the mechanic of you being the Mayor of the village because we really enjoyed the Ordinance system.


[4] Ports of the last good Wii U games to Switch



The Wii U, for all of its shortcomings, had some fantastic games as part of its library. A lot of these games have already made the jump over to the Switch, with some of them even seeing better sales numbers on the new platform than before, such as Mario Kart 8. However, there are a few gems that Nintendo are yet to dig back up.


What we would love, would be to see The Wonderful 101, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, and The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD brought across. All of these for their own reasons, and with Tokyo Mirage Sessions being the one that I personally would probably crawl over broken glass to have happen.


[5] Announcement of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch



After the announcement of the justifiable delay of Metroid Prime 4, this would prove to be the perfect salve for those wounds, especially as it will give the ability to experience the incredible trilogy in a portable fashion and give new players the opportunity to catch up with the series ahead of the fourth iteration.


This might seem like an odd thing to specifically ask for, but please have motion controls in this release Nintendo as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption had close to perfect controls. This being said, make sure there’s button controls too, because otherwise you’re cutting out large swathes of potential customers that can’t use motion controls.



Alright, we’re going to cheat a little here … How about a couple of extra ones that are much less probable, and more than likely selfish choices that no one else would want?


[B] Bring Alphonse to Fire Emblem: Three Houses



We love Fire Emblem, having played a lot of the games in the series, and we also love the mobile title too. What we don’t love is our best boy Alphonse being tied only to the mobile game when he deserves to be in a main title. We’re not asking much, only for him to be added to Fire Emblem: Three Houses as a playable unit.


We don’t even mind if he is DLC, just put him in there. As an idea, there could be a DLC pack that contains Alphonse and other units from Fire Emblem Heroes, such as Sharena, Hríd, or Eir and puts them all in a special scenario for the protagonists of Three Houses to deal with, much like they have done in the past for previous games.


[B2] Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st] for Switch!



Now this is an utterly selfish choice, and is inspired by the stream we did on our Twitch channel of BLAZBLUE Centralfiction: Special Edition yesterday, but please bring Under Night In-Birth to Switch. It is easily my favourite fighting game at the moment, which it has been for a while, and having it on Switch would be incredible.


Having all of the wonderful anime fighting nonsense on the Switch would be great and could potentially bring more new players to the game, which has been having a bit of a boom recently in tournaments. Also, the character designs are great and the story is bonkers and hilarious nonsense. Seriously, bring this game over.



That’s our things we want from today’s Nintendo Direct, but what are yours? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter, and check back for more coverage of this and all Japanese games.


The Nintendo Direct broadcast is scheduled for tonight at 10pm GMT, and you can watch it right here!


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