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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Guide

It’s a few weeks since Min Min was released in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and since the release I’ve been playing around with the character and figuring out what she’s all about. Without any more delay, let’s get into the Min Min guide! Min Min’s Playstyle If you didn’t already know, Min Min comes from a […]Read More

The Esports Problem

Covering a more serious topic this time, friends. For those who aren’t aware or don’t partake in the esports scenes revolving around certain games, this news may not have found you yet. However, there has been a tremendous number of stories coming out over the last few weeks. These are stories exposing figures within their […]Read More

Smash World Tour Is Happening!

I can’t quite believe it. Smash World Tour is FINALLY happening. A professional circuit for both Smash Melee and Smash Ultimate. This is incredible!  Who would have thought we could exist in a timeline where one of the longest running Fighting Game scenes would finally get an official World Tour backed by Nintendo…    No one… […]Read More

Byleth Is The New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter

After some teasing for a few days, it’s been revealed that Byleth (both male and female) will be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next, Sakurai also announced an extra fighter in the next fighter pass, which will keep releasing fighters until the end of 2021.     You can see Byleth in action here:   […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Dragon Quest Hero Out Today

The next round of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC – Challenger Pack 2, featuring the Hero from Dragon Quest – is out today, along with a version 4.00 update! The game’s director, Masahiro Sakurai, has also given a good, in-depth look at what’s new in a video presentation. Check it out below:   For those […]Read More

5 Things We Want From Today’s Nintendo Direct!

The gods have blessed us this day, for tonight we have a new Nintendo Direct to watch, consume feverishly, and then promptly complain about. In fact, we love the feeling of anticipation that comes with these broadcasts.   First things first, we know that the Direct will concentrate on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which we […]Read More

The Best Lewd Smash Bros Pictures You’ll See Today

As was reported in most places in recent times, Japanese players have had a lot of fun with the ability to freeze frame the action in a certain (normally innocent, we swear) Nintendo game. This has resulted in some incredible lewd Smash Bros pictures, which we have brought together for … erm … research purposes. […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review (Switch)

You all know Super Smash Bros., that fighting game that a lot of people claim isn’t a fighting game where you can play as Kirby and wipe the moustache off Mario’s face with a hammer? Well, Nintendo have only gone and released Sakurai from the asylum he lives in to make another one – Super […]Read More

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Stream Archive

EVERYONE IS HERE! Not only that but everyone has been playing, with our entire friend list playing it every time we have powered up our Switch in the last week. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally here, so of course we pretty much wrote off and afternoon to stream it!   For those unaware, Super Smash […]Read More