Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Guide

 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Min Min Guide

It’s a few weeks since Min Min was released in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and since the release I’ve been playing around with the character and figuring out what she’s all about. Without any more delay, let’s get into the Min Min guide!

Min Min’s Playstyle

If you didn’t already know, Min Min comes from a Nintendo game called ARMS. This game revolved around characters with extremely long arms battling against one another in a 3D setting with numerous different types of fist attachments which offered a variety of unique abilities. As the ARMS representative, Min Min’s playstyle centers around a mid to long range style of play, where she can abuse her incredible range without being put into unsafe situations. Min Min is extremely unique when it comes to Smash. 

She is the first character who is able to use her tilt attacks while moving and even in the air. She is also able to use her smash attacks in the air, PLUS she can use her other arm to perform a second smash attack that can even travel in the opposite direction to the first attack. With all this incredible range and freedom of direction, you want to focus on a zoning style of play where the opponent feels helpless, gets panicked as they try to approach and then make that fatal mistake that leads to them being sent off of the stage. 

This is the other area in which Min Min is incredible. Once the enemy is thrown offstage, Min Min’s tools become incredibly deadly from the perspective of the player trying to recover. 

Min Min’s ARMS

Min Min has access to 3 different arms (on her secondary arm only) which can be interchanged by using her down+special. 

Ramram: This is the fastest of the arms available. This smash attack fires her arm forwards, then releases the chakram at the end, moving in an upwards circular motion. The strength of this attack when edge guarding, is against enemies who are trying to recover above or just below the stage, as this attack can be slightly tilted to alter the trajectory of the chakram. It’s also notable that charging this attack for a short period of time will cause the chakram to set on fire, dealing fire damage when it hits.

Megawatt: Min Min’s most powerful arm when it comes to raw damage, but also her slowest. When charged for a short period of time, the arm becomes electrified, dealing insane amounts of damage that can kill at absurdly low percentages.

Dragon: The weapon that is fixed to Min Min’s primary arm can also be attached to her secondary for those times when you really want to zone. The most important thing to remember regarding this arm, is it’s ability to fire a laser after the initial hit. This is done by holding down the attack button following a smash attack. Similarly to the previous 2, this can be held to increase the attacks power and knockback. This attack is terrifying when it comes to off stage situations as the dragons laser with attempts to auto-lock to the opponent. 

Important Attacks

Back Throw: I say important attacks, but we’re starting with her throws. Back throw is an incredible option for Min Min as it puts her in numerous advantageous situations. When Min Min performs a throw, her primary arm powers up for a set amount of time. This causes increased damage and knockback. Back throw causes the opponent to be sent quite far behind Min Min, even at low percentages. This means that you can go for possible edge-guarding situations as long as you land a back throw.

Down Tilt: This is Min Min’s only true combo starter. When I say true, I mean that the follow-up from this attack is guaranteed to hit at lower percentages. Min Min travels across the floor, similarly to Cloud or Joker, popping the enemy up which can then be followed up with an up-tilt attack. This can slide underneath some projectiles or attacks.

Forward and Backward Tilts/Aerials: As I mentioned earlier, Min Min can make use of these specific tilts while moving, in the air, and simultaneously. When going for smash attacks seems like too much of a risk, go for tilts instead. These will leave you less open to be punished. 

Remember that these can also be used in the air. If the opponent has been hit close to the blast zone but just survived, you can mix them up by going off stage and challenging them with your superior range and multiple attacks.

Neutral Air: With access to both arms when it comes to her aerials, this move can become a deadly edge-guarding tool. Chakram will start-up the fastest and the Megawatt will be the slowest, but deal the most damage. If the opponent is trying to recover at an angle your arms can’t cover, such as directly below (characters like Fox, Falco, Cloud, etc..) running off stage and falling with a neutral air can cover this option. If the opponent is at high enough percent, it can stage spike and net you the kill.

Down Smash: There are numerous characters with a down smash like this that can hit in both directions. However, Min Min’s is very quick to come out and hits immediately on both sides. It’s also good to have an attack that can cover you after a spot dodge or a roll read on the opponent. 

Up Smash: It’s very similar to her up-tilt in it’s look, but it has a secret weapon. Min Min’s up-smash can reflect projectiles back at the enemy. This can help in match-ups like Samus, the Links and Byleth for example. The attack comes out quick, so you can mix it up with a reflect instead of challenging their zoning with yours.

Lastly, an incredibly important thing to remember is to think when you use your smash attacks. Having numerous different smash attacks that can be used with multiple arms is exciting, but these attacks leave Min Min very vulnerable if the opponent dodges them. If the opponent is off stage, then you can go a little more smooth brain with it. But if they’re onstage, this means they have the ability to jump over you and hit you with some serious punishment.  

Have fun and go play some Min Min! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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