That’s right 50% OFF WEEKEND SALE! This weekend, we’re off to MCM Expo in London, where we’ll be showing off the very best of the Japanese indie game scene! And to celebrate we’ve decided to slash the price of some of the finest doujin games your money can buy! Hit the store right here – to see what we have on offer!


If you happen to be going to MCM Expo – then do please stop by and say hello to us. Some of you will know us already, I’m sure – but if you don’t, look out for the whopping great big Rice Digital banner hanging from the ceiling.




We’re also going to be running a series of Score Attack challenges over the course of the weekend – including a sneak peek at ALLTYNEX Trilogy which our friends over at Nyu Media have very kindly provided us with!


If you can’t make it to MCM, well, not to worry We have an AWESOME collection of doujin titles for you to sample on our store – and for this Bank Holiday weekend – which ends on Monday the 27th of May – they’ll be crazy-cheap to buy!


Here’s a taster of what we have on offer!


Flying Red Barrel


Flying Red Barrel. Pure blood shooter from the team who brought you  Suguri. Simple but satisfying mechanics in the spirit of the classic Raiden.


Yatagarasu Sale


Yatagarasu. Made by ex-SNK developers, this superb fighter combines the best of King of Fighters and Street Fighter III: Third Strike for a brilliantly solid and balanced fighter.


Rice Digital Sale


Cherry Tree High Comedy Club. Take the social-link gameplay of Persona 4 and distil it into a charming, sprite-based High School adventure. A Rice Digital favourite.


Ether Vapor Screenshot


Ether Vapor Remaster HD. Stunningly beautiful shooter that defies convention by switching perspectives on the fly to incredible cinematic effect.


Croixleur Screen


Croixleur. A 3D arena battler of the highest order – take on wave after wave of enemies with devastating combos and hyper-colourful special attacks.


Fairy Bloom Freesia Screenshot


Fairy Bloom Freesia. Innovative scrapper where fairy guardian, Freesia, must protect her forest in intense battles – upgrade and level up to customise her to your fighting style.


Eryis action screen


Eryi’s Action. Cute looks on the outside – unbelievably evil and vindictive on the inside. This is a Trap-former with bags of charm, knowing humour, intelligence and challenge.


War of the Human Tanks Screenshot


War of the Human Tanks. Calling all fans of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars – War of the Human Tanks marries lighting quick battles and cunning strategy with cuteness and charm!


Satazius Rice Digital


Satazius. One of the best shooters you’re likely to play. Edge described it as ‘deceptively deep’ with a ‘gripping pace’. They know what they’re talking about – it’s excellent.


eXceed 3rd Jade Penetrate Rice Digital


eXceed Collection. The venerable bullet hell trilogy that that never rests on it’s laurels – and raises the bar and mixes the mechanics with each iteration. A must for Shmup Fans.


If you’re new to the doujin scene  – of have been curious but have never taken the plunge, as it were, now would be a good time to start! ^_^


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