7 Great Twitter Artists To Check Out

The largest reason that I use Twitter is because of the Twitter artists, I follow a ton of them! I have always been mesmerized by people who can draw. I remember asking my dad to draw Sonic the Hedgehog or Donald Duck hundreds of times when I was really young and completely obsessed with a new character each week. Now I have access to hundreds of incredible artists everyday, so much so that I’m learning to draw! 

As a beginner, I’ve understood just how incredibly dedicated these artists are. When it comes to drawing humanoid characters, there is so much to keep in mind and that just for a very basic pose. I don’t even want to think about the difficulties of creative posing and additional clothing or accessories. These people are gods to me. 

So, I want to shine a bit of a light on some of my absolute favourites. As you can probably imagine, there are many waifu’s ahead. Enjoy!


An amazing artist who is a big boss when it comes to that crazed look that carries a ton of attitude. They focus on mainly female characters when it comes to their pieces and that comes in the form of both original characters and their take on video game and anime characters.



Badass artist who focuses on badass female characters from video games, anime and even some western comics. As i mentioned, they like to focus on the more badass female characters such as the ladies from Black lagoon, Mirko from My Hero Academia, and Morded from Fate to give a few examples. You may come across the occasional male character as well, and they are equally as well drawn.



Game Grumps fans might just recognize this dude, as he is the artist behind the Game Gyaru characters. I absolutely ADORE Sloogie’s artstyle, as it reminds me of 90’s anime like Cowboy Bebop and similar series. There is a mountain of stuff to enjoy from Sloogie as they draw original characters, characters from anime, video games, western cartoons and comics, and even YouTube persona’s. Go check them out!



One my more recent discoveries when it comes to the Twitter artist world, but equally as amazing. I’m a big fighting game fan, so seeing all the art revolving around fighting games, such as Guilt Gear, is awesome! They focus on video game and anime characters, drawing both male and female characters. Some of you may recognize the above piece they did of Milia, as it exploded on Twitter. ArcSys even tweeted about how much they loved it.



One of the artists that I have been following for the longest time. They focus primarily on characters from One Piece, usually the girls, but you find pieces of some of the guys as well. The most amazing thing about Maru is the way they mix in modern fashion with these characters, turning them into models in a modern day setting. It’s absolutely amazing and It’s made even better by being a One Piece fan!



I love digital art. It’s incredibly clean and professional looking, incredible use of colour, shading and lighting. However, there is something equally as magical about pencil and paper and Yoshihara’s style allows you to see each and every stroke that got them to the final product. It’s phenomenal. Once again, it’s enriched by being a Street Fighter fan and seeing the artists love for the genre. One of the most interesting things about Yoshihara is that he is the author of the fighting game focused manga series, Battle Mexia.



Finally, we arrive at the end. The first artist I followed. Whose art I fell in love with. And you I continuously look up to as an inspiration. Every single thing about their art style, use of colours, shading, lighting, posing, EVERYTHING! It’s perfect in my eyes. Fegu focuses on mainly female characters. Loads of original characters alongside characters from games and anime. They can get a big NSFW if you’re into that. 


That’s my list and they’re all amazingly talented and hard working people. Please think about giving them a follow and your support! Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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