Akiba’s Beat Maids are Here to Help in New Trailer

XSEED has released an Akiba’s Beat maids trailer! It might sound like a bit of a strange focus for a trailer, but the Akiba’s Beat maids are useful members of your party, who will help you navigate the Delusionscapes springing up in Akihabara! Meet three of your cute navigators below:



Having the different maids help you out in dungeons is certainly a fun touch! It helps to mix up who’s in the navigator spot sometimes too – having the same character saying the same things over and over in each dungeon could easily start to get on your nerves. If these maids are aware of the strange happenings around Akihabara, though, it makes you wonder what kind of role they’ll play in the story. We’ll find out soon enough!


Akiba's Beat Maids are Here to Help in New Trailer

Akiba’s Beat releases on PS4 and PS Vita in North America on May 16th and in Europe on May 19th.

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