Amnesia Memories: New Screenshots of Toma & Ikki

Get ready for some exciting news, otome fans! Idea Factory International has now released new screenshots and character profiles for Toma and Ikki, two of the handsome bachelors that you, the heroine, can romance in Amnesia: Memories!





He has protected you ever since you were young, but can you take care of his heart? In Amnesia: Memories, Toma is your knight in shining armor. Responsible and kind, he will stop at nothing to keep you safe. But when things go awry, can you defend your love?


This rouge-looking blonde is extremely protective of you. His love is intense, frightening even, although he hides it well under his brotherly façade. He has a good heart, and cares about the heroine deeply. Toma can, at times, fall under the strain of wanting to keep you safe. For those of you who have seen the anime or have played the Japanese version of the game, you will probably understand what I mean when I say that his love can be a little… prison-like. Then again, a girl likes what she likes, right? Don’t worry Toma fans, I won’t tell… *wink wink*.







Ikki has also received a character profile. This prince-like figure is largely beloved by the female population, so much so that he has a dedicated fan club. He is a player, and regularly switches between girlfriends. His interest in the heroine is largely due to his ‘charms’ not working on her. Ikki is not a bad person, and deep down he wishes for something more than the shallow relationships he is used to.



A young man with an idol-like popularity, who is also the heroine’s lover. Ikki has a unique condition that makes women fall in love with him when they look into his eyes. Having given up on having a true relationship, he lives life as a playboy college student, indulging himself in transient pleasures. His interest in the heroine is largely due to his “eyes” not working on her.








Amnesia: Memories will be released digitally in the EU on August 26, 2015 for PS Vita, whereas NA will see a simultaneous debut on PS Vita and Steam on August 25, 2015. Check out our previous article to read up on Amnesia: Memories’ other bachelors, Shin and Kent, as well as the Heroine!

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