New Lost Dimension Trailer: Deep Vision

 New Lost Dimension Trailer: Deep Vision

Lost Dimension is NIS America’s new Visual Novel / RPG that challenges players to root out the traitors in their own special forces group, SEALED. This new Lost Dimension trailer takes a look at the Deep Vision mechanic. Using a somewhat randomised system the traitors can be different on each playthrough, adding a unique twist to a Visual Novel that already looks super interesting.



The whole group is made up of psychics, so you need to utilise your powers to deduce the traitor.  One of these mechanics being the Deep Vision system shown below:



To subdue the threat The End poses to the entire planet, several countries create a special forces group called S.E.A.L.E.D., which is comprised of eleven psychics with superhuman abilities. Each soldier has their own talents and skillsets to use in combat, which can be expanded after gaining enough experience in the field. Bonds of friendship will form amongst the members of S.E.A.L.E.D., but be mindful of which allies to keep close, as The End mandates the player must begin eliminating teammates. Make sure to accuse the right teammate of being a traitor though — once the final battle with The End begins any remaining traitors will fight the main character alongside him.


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