Astroport’s New Shmup WOLFLAME on Greenlight

We’ve previously covered many games from Astroport and we are excited for their upcoming WOLFLAME, a shmup with a Raiden, Raptor and Twin Cobra flavour. Vote for it on Steam Greenlight so it gets a proper release.




Ready your reflexes! High speed enemy fire incoming!



There will be 10 stages, 4 difficulty levels (from Easy to Insane), forward shot, plasma bombs, triple threat attack satellites, Alien fighter drones, multi-legged tanks, transforming bosses and more! To top it all off there is TATE mode support for those players that enjoy their shmups in portrait mode. Not to mention 36 Steam achievements, online leaderboards and trading cards!


Enjoy the screenshots below.



WOLFLAME is now on Steam Greenlight, thanks to Nyu Media. Don’t forget to vote for it so it gets an official Steam release!


WOLFLAME’s Steam Greenlight Page

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