BIGBIG WON Gale controller now available

The BIGBIG WON Gale controller is now available in both Europe and America via Amazon.

The Gale is BIGBIG WON’s latest wireless controller, supporting PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. It features the usual options available in modern controllers, including gyro controls and analog triggers. These, along with settings for lighting and buttons, can all be adjusted via BIGBIG WON’s Elite App in real-time.

It even comes with a few extra features usually found in more expensive controllers. There are four additional macro-able buttons, along with a swappable d-pad and sticks.

On its own, the BIGBIG WON Gale is priced at £49.99/€39.99/$39.99. Alternatively, there’s a charging dock combo pack available for £59.99/€59.99/$59.99 — unlike the base black controller, this bundle can also be bought in white.

All versions come with a USB adaptor — while optional since the Gale supports Bluetooth, the adaptor should allow for a more consistent connection.

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