Bullet Girls Phantasia English hits Asia today

If you want a Bullet Girls Phantasia English version then you’re in luck – it’s out on PS4 and Vita today in Asia with an English Subtitle option. After the whole Omega Labyrinth Z debacle – it’s looking like this may be the best way to get hold of Sony platform-specific EXTREME SEXY TIMES. Sad it’s come to this, but hey, you know – that’s not from want of trying.


Still, it’s here now, and ooooooh boy, is Bullet Girls Phantasia English a treat. Similar to past Bullet Girls games it’s all about the cute anime girls wielding guns – something I am wholeheartedly down with.




However, unlike previous Bullet Girls releases, this one is distinctively more fantas- sorry, ‘Phantasy’ themed – with Orcs and Monsters making up the enemies for you to mercilessly take down. Back once again are the notorious interrogation training mini-‘games’. This is basically an excuse to move around the girls in 360 and poke, prod and, yes, squirt them with all manner of toys and paraphernalia.


What’s not to like? Why not watch the trailer and see for yourself and find out.



Bullet Girls Phantasia English version is out today in Asia. Import wallets at the ready, friends!

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