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Omega Labyrinth Life Gets a Censored, “Safer” PS4 Version

Upcoming busty rogue-like Switch title Omega Labyrinth Life will be getting a toned-down, “safer” option for the PlayStation 4, simply titled Labyrinth Life, D3 Publisher has announced. Apparently, Labyrinth Life will be safe enough to “play at your parents’ house”, but we’re not totally sure that’s a good idea still.   Here’s a rundown of […]Read More

The One That Never Was: The Omega Labyrinth Z Special

Sometimes things are far too beautiful to exist in this world, and one such thing happened this year with the cancellation of the Western localisation of Omega Labyrinth Z. We were one of the first outlets to report this news, and we’ve managed to score a quick chat with the Product Manager of the project […]Read More

Bullet Girls Phantasia English hits Asia today

If you want a Bullet Girls Phantasia English version then you’re in luck – it’s out on PS4 and Vita today in Asia with an English Subtitle option. After the whole Omega Labyrinth Z debacle – it’s looking like this may be the best way to get hold of Sony platform-specific EXTREME SEXY TIMES. Sad […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z English Trailer Explains the Game

It’s not entirely clear why D3 have released an Omega Labyrinth Z English trailer for their latest PV, but we’re not complaining. This subtitled version of the second promo video explains the story, setting, and how all of the mechanics will come together in this extremely lewd dungeon crawler.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmg6pq-8_eI   It’s definitely a […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z Opening Video Released

The Omega Labyrinth Z opening video has been released and all I can think about is how loaded these girls are to be able to buy so many tops and bras — they’re just so careless with them! If you’re going to find a way to make your boobs several sizes bigger, then you need […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z Trailer Provides First Look

D3 Publisher has released the first titillating Omega Labyrinth Z trailer, and it’s as lewd as expected. Girls in suggestive poses can be prodded and stroked, and licking. Yes, if you cover a girl in honey then a small creature will proceed to lick her completely clean. I like honey too, but I feel like […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z Licking Feature Introduced

Yes, you read that right — D3 have revealed the Omega Labyrinth Z licking feature, a brand new system in this follow-up to the (just as perverse) Omega Labyrinth. But don’t worry, you won’t be licking anything. That would just be lewd. Instead it’s… Um… A dog…!? I’m just going to dump the images at this point. […]Read More

Omega Labyrinth Z Announced for PS4 and Vita

Omega Labyrinth Z, sequel to Omega Labyrinth where the protagonist was on a journey to increase her bust size, has been announced in the latest issue of Famitsu. It will be available on both PS4 and Vita but you might have to look at importing if you’d like to play it — we can only […]Read More

New D3 Teaser Site Punishes Perverted Users

Before Omega Labyrinth was revealed D3 Publisher pulled a similar stunt to this one that would speed up the reveal timer for the game when users of the website touched the character’s breasts. This time around they’re doing the opposite. Clicking will instead pause the reveal timer for a few seconds.   This could mean […]Read More