Catherine: Full Body Trailer Sees Vincent Running for His Life

There’s a new Catherine: Full Body trailer on the scene, and Catherine and Katherine are both out for blood! We know that Full Body has a bunch of new content, and these yandere scenes are among the new characters, stages, cutscenes and dialogue that’ll be found in-game.


full body trailer


Check out the new trailer below!



That’s not all though, because there’s a Persona 5 collaboration where you can play as Joker in the game’s Babel and Colosseum modes — these modes aren’t story-focused. The Phantom Thieves will not be playable, but they will offer commentary! Other new additions include online multiplayer and an option to choose from 11 Catherine voice-actresses, all voiced by famous Japanese voice-actresses.


Catherine: Full Body releases in Japan on PS4 and Vita on 14th February, 2019, and in the West in 2019, too.

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