Comiket 87 Doujin Lineup

Its that time of year again, take a peak at the newest doujin titles from Japan, this time during the winter Comiket. The 87th Comiket was held from the 28th to the 30th of December and as always brought a abundance of Touhou based and original content titles alike.



The 29th was dedicated to Touhou fans so you can see various titles with these iconic characters. One of these titles is Touhou Gensou Sky Drift, a Mario Kart inspired Touhou racing game, where the girls ride other Touhou characters, making for a really interesting concpet. Another is Touhou Tactics, a beautiful 3D tactical turn based game. And lets not forget, there were also remakes of more classic titles such as Touhou Pang!



Original games where shown on the 30th and featured a variety of titles. One of the games that was Kamio Recoil where you repel yourself using the recoil from your weapon, a system featured in Lethal Application. Speaking of Lethal Application, Daisessen the game circle behind it revealed their newest game, which is a highly customizable 2D shooter where you can freely tackle the level however you want.


Comiket 87 - 2

Another of the games shown in the video was GHost942, a new installment in the Ghost franchise.  This is a 2D action stealth platformer with 3D levels where you can rotate the perspective like in FEZ.


Comiket 87 - 1

There were also many other games such a lawayer title, heavily inspired by the Ace Attorney franchise, and a game where you battle it out against aliens on the open seas


Comiket 87 - 3

The video ends with Nekopara Vol.1 a visual novel which was recently localized by Sekai Project and one which we will cover soon.

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