Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Preview

Team GrisGris has a new name and a new game set in the Corpse Party universe. Now known as GrindHouse, the group behind the horror adventure games have released the first chapter of their new series, titled Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. The game provides the familiar eerie atmosphere of Corpse Party games in a new environment to explore… or flee from.


You play as Ayame Itou, a 15-year-old girl who wakes up with amnesia in a hospital. While the various equipment around her suggests she was about to undergo surgery, there’s nobody in sight. To add to it all, various documents and patient records are littered around the hallways and the hospital seems abandoned. Ayame, together with a cast of six or so characters, must escape the hospital or succumb to the horrors within its halls.


dead patient review


This series marks Corpse Party’s return to the PC, though this title has the visual aesthetic of a 3DS game. Players can shift their perspective by 90 degrees in any area, allowing them a full view of the hospital’s halls and rooms. The student card feature, previously detailing the gruesome deaths of those trapped in Heavenly Host, has been replaced with patient cards that don’t seem to be pinned to skeletons this time. Chase scenes also make a return.


dead patient review


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient features an all-new cast of characters from a school not previously mentioned in the other games. However, it is intended to be a sequel to the main Corpse Party series and it’s unknown whether Amare Patriarcha Crucis hospital has any ties to Sachiko or Heavenly Host Elementary School. There is speculation that characters from the main Corpse Party series will make an appearance, but chapter one doesn’t confirm anything.


Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is only available for Windows systems in Japan. There have been no announcements as to localisation of this game, but with Corpse Party and Book of Shadows being picked up by Xseed before, we can hope.

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