Croixleur Sigma PS4 Vita Official English Trailer

Croixleur Sigma has to be among our favorite doujin titles here on RiceDigital. It features beautiful 3D visuals, fast paced hack and slash combat and a good deal of unique weapons.




Croixleur Sigma will now be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and Vita thanks to Playism.



The PlayStation 4 version will include a number of additions. It will have two new characters, Katarina and her bodyguard, Sara-Annika. You will have to play through the game’s various story modes in order to unlock them. Both of these characters can be used in any of the game’s modes.


The visuals have also been improved. Aside from the higher resolution and a smooth 60fps framerate, the game will now use cel-shading in order to give it a more anime style.


Croixleur Sigma PS4 Vita Official English Trailer - Customization


Finally there will be a new dress up system. As you progress through the game you will acquire coins you can spend on new dresses, hats, weapons and accessory. The available accessories will range from stylish sunglasses, to intimidating eyepatches, to the always attractive bunny ears.


Croixleur Sigma will have an affordable price of $14.99 when it launches on the PlayStation Store. The game has been delayed, but since it was planned to come out last month we should expect it soon.


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