Desire: Remastered Version Heading to Vita and PC

After Eve: Burst Error the Japanese Company El Dia is releasing another of C’s Ware’s titles, this time a game simply known as Desire. It was originally released back in 1994 for PC-98 and was later ported to Sega Saturn, Windows and PlayStation 2.



Now this title is making its way to PlayStation Vita and once again to Windows with Desire: Remastered Edition. Like the title suggests the game will have remastered visuals, with additional CGs, full lip-syncing and eye animations all of which were not previously available in the PC version.


The plot takes place on a island with a huge research institute called Desire. It follows a news reporter on his way to uncover the mystery of the organization.


The game will be released in Japan on April 27th this year. The original was already released in the west in 1999, so hopefully the remake might also make it to western shores.


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