Dissida Final Fantasy NT Crystallises at Revolution 2017

We’re stoked to announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be showcased at Revolution 2017 courtesy of Square Enix! Revolution is London’s premier fighting game event, on October 6-8. The event is being sponsored by ourselves, and organised by the fantastic NGI crew.


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Currently taking Japanese arcades by storm, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the latest version of the action-packed Final Fantasy crossover fighter — heading right on over for PlayStation 4 in January next year.



This 3 on 3 arena fighter pits favourite Final Fantasy characters against one another in spectacular fashion.



Featured in the Revolution 2017 showcase area in the Rocket Bar at the London Metropolitan University, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be available for free casual play all weekend, with a presentation about the game on the Friday.



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be featured on-stage the Revolution 2017 showcase area, hosted and streamed by Rice Digital.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT at Revolution 2017


Casual play: Setups available all weekend!


Dates:  Friday-Sunday, October 6-8, 2017.




The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitan University.
166-220 Holloway Rd, Holloway, London, N7 8DB, UK.


Venue Entry:
Pre-Register: £30 weekend pass, £12 single-day day pass.
On the door: £40 weekend pass, £15 single-day pass.


For more information about the Revolution 2017 schedule and rules, visit: http://ngi-revolution.co.uk/event-information/


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be featured at Revolution 2017 in London, UK on October 6-8, 2017.

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