even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide

even if TEMPEST is a fairly straightforward game to get through; as noted in our review, the game is mostly linear. There are a few places where you can reach bad ends, though, so be sure to save frequently!

Let’s get into the full walkthrough and guide to the game, then!

General route progression information: Crius and Tyril’s routes are the only ones available initially in even if TEMPEST. Their routes do not outweigh each other in terms of spoilers or story significance, so choose either to start off with. The final chapters of each route are not available until seeing the credits roll by playing through the four previous chapters for all four main love interests. A single chapter for the secret love interest will then unlock once all five chapters of the four main love interests have been played to completion.

Suggestion: Manually save often to prevent having to redo chapters. Make use of the manual saves often during the trial segments in particular. When presenting evidence, you’re not allowed to make manual saves, and your autosave is wiped if you hit a bad ending — and they come quick and often!

Final note: To complete the entire gallery when using this walkthrough, once you have gone through each route, go back through them all from their first chapters (unless otherwise noted) and select the choices opposite to the selections that will clear the game normally. The result here is that you will accumulate more black roses than red roses and unlock the “Sad Love Ends”. Tap the Y button to skip previously read text until the CG and early ending occurs by the fourth chapter at the latest.

even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide: Prologue

Trial choices do not matter here

Pick either A witch. or A ghost.

Pick either Ignore him. or Turn him down.

Pick Apologize.

Pick the Strength card for Crius’ route, or pick the Justice card for Tyril’s route. Either can be selected on your first playthrough.

even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide: Crius Castlerock’s route

even if TEMPEST

Pick Don’t go!

Pick Be considerate of him.

Pick The regulations are mistaken.

Pick either sleep in the same bed. or Sleep in different beds.

Pick please tell me. if this is your first playthrough, or I’m fine. if it’s your second.

  • Investigation
  • Pick The Rose of the Lynzel Family
  • Pick The Ice Prince’s Rage Against the Inquisitors!
  • Pick I Saw The Ninja!
  • End investigation

Pick Doubt him.

  • Trial
  • Pick Watch silently.
  • Pick Orla Lynzel
  • Pick Advocate
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Thomas’s daily life
  • Pick Thomas’s obsession
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick any evidence
  • Pick either Dodge the issue. or Be honest.
  • Pick Orla’s statement.
  • Pick Victim’s work history.
  • Pick Orla Lynzel
  • Pick The Lynzel Home
  • Pick Orla’s Obsession
  • Pick Missing Letter
  • Pick Orla’s Hobbies

Pick That’s not true at all.

Pick Sorrow.


Pick Ask him outright.

Pick What evidence points to him being the culprit?

Pick Butter him up.

Pick What was the murder weapon?

Pick Arcana

Pick What reason is there to suspect him?

Pick Threaten him.

Pick That’s exactly what I’m getting at.

Pick Are there any other suspects?

Pick Time.

Pick What is his motive?

Pick Say his name.

even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide: Tyril I Lister’s route

even if TEMPEST

Pick Allow me to investigate.

Pick No.

Pick either Please tell me. if on your first playthrough, or I know enough. if this is your second playthrough.

Pick He had no other choice.

Pick To remove his organs.

Pick Affection.

  • Investigation
  • Pick Those Who Loved Prince Lucien
  • Pick Never mind a sermon! The Cardinal’s impassioned appeal to art.
  • Pick A Youthful Noble’s Cry of Love
  • Pick The King’s Shocking Proclamation! “Did you kill Lucien?”
  • Pick The sleeping magic.
  • End investigation

Pick any option

Pick any option (Reload here and pick only black rose options from this choice onwards for the “Sad Love End”)

  • Trial
  • Pick The witness.
  • Pick Crius.
  • Pick The circumstances of the murder.
  • Pick Make them debate it.
  • Pick The witch’s sleeping magic.
  • Pick The Cardinal Loves Art.
  • Pick Hugo.
  • Pick Hugo Article.
  • Pick Witness account.
  • Pick
  • Pick Provide a new discussion topic.
  • Pick The culprit’s state of mind.
  • Pick Relationship with the victim.
  • Pick What everyone did this morning.
  • Pick Sammy.
  • Pick Continue the conversation.
  • Pick Orphanage theft.
  • Pick either option

Pick Choose Tyril.

Pick Stop them.

Pick Don’t tell him.

Pick Ishik clan.

Pick either option

even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide: Zenn Sorfield’s route

even if TEMPEST

Pick Ask about the debt of gratitude.

Pick Bring up Ninja.

Pick Screams.

Pick Argue against him.

Pick Somewhere else entirely.

Pick Ask him to come along.

  • Investigation
  • Pick Watch Out! A Beautiful Maid’s Harrowing Tale
  • Pick The Frigid Prince’s Wit and the Hereafter
  • Pick The First Prince’s Newfound Love
  • End Investigation

Pick I’m sad.

Pick Point out your discomfort.

  • Trial
  • Pick Crius Castlerock
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Advocate
  • Pick Advocate
  • Pick Rebut
  • Pick Rebut
  • Pick Seek help
  • Pick Seek help
  • Pick Say nothing.
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Maya Kirkland
  • Pick Indict
  • Pick Victim’s criminal record

Pick Kill him.

Pick Leave it to Zenn.

Pick Witch of Cessation.

  • Investigation
  • Pick High Praise for the Frigid Prince! Remaining Cool in Adversity
  • Pick Insist he comes with.
  • Pick The newspaper article.
  • Pick Ask around the castle (CG Unlock)
  • Pick Who is the misfortunate Knight?
  • Pick Go to the tavern.
  • End investigation
  • Trial
  • Pick Crius Castlerock
  • Pick Remark
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Remark
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Rebut
  • Pick Rebut
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Sympathize
  • Pick Remark
  • Pick Denounce Crius
  • Pick Ties to the victim

Pick Go to the church.

Pick either option

Pick either option

Correct answer is Save Zenn. / Pick Run away. for CG unlock

Pick either option

even if TEMPEST walkthrough and guide: Lucien Neuschburn’s route

even if TEMPEST

Pick Speak as an equal.

Pick Flatter him.

Pick Discuss Orla’s debut.

Pick Pull back.

Pick Don’t give up.

Pick Speak frankly. (Reload here and pick only black rose options from this choice onwards for his “Sad Love End”)

Pick Dismemberment

Pick Stabbing

Pick Stabbing

Pick No.

Pick A regular human.

Pick It’s an important key.

Pick We can restrict Ish’s actions.

Pick It sounds like fun.

Pick Continue onward.

Pick The Membrum

Pick They weren’t given magic

Pick The Godesses’ shrine

Pick Indict

Pick Keep them

Unlocks Zenn’s final chapter (2 CGs)

Pick Give them back

Unlocks Crius’ (1 CG) Tyril’s (2 CGs) and Lucien’s final chapters (2 CGs)

Pick Live for the future.

Secret route unlocked (single chapter finale) – choices are inconsequential (2 CGs to obtain).

And you’re done! Wasn’t that fun? Now go have a nice lie down.

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