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Yakuza 6 Cat Guide: How to Complete the Cat Café

Like previous Yakuza games, 6 is filled to the brim with things to keep you busy besides the main story. One big collectable quest this time is the cat café sub-story that tasks Kiryu with winning the affection of the cats of the city. They’re all over the place. But fear not, our Yakuza 6 […]Read More

Yakuza 6 Guide: How to Master the Game & Become

Yakuza 6 is the long-awaited next game in the series, bringing it exclusively to the current generation of consoles for the first time. As usual, Yakuza 6 is packed with many side activities and sub-stories to keep you busy on top of the main game. From raiding safes and collecting cats, to some karaoke and […]Read More

Danganronpa V3 Gift Guide: What to Give Characters to Make

Why hello there my beary dear friends. Danganronpa is one of our favourite visual novel series. One of favourite elements are the “free time” sections that let you get to know each character a little better. Providing you hand over gifts they like, of course. And you do it before they die in the story. […]Read More

Rabi-Ribi PS4 Gameplay – MCM May 2017 Stage Presentation

Ben & Anne-Lou show off the PS4 version of Rabi-Ribi at the Rice Digital MCM May 2017 stand! Rabi-Ribi is a super cute Metroidvania with some bullet Hell elements. What more could you want?     As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you can follow us on Twitch for livesteams […]Read More

First 15 Minutes of Chaos;Child in English (PS4) – MCM

Ben & Anne-Lou take a look at the beginning of Chaos;Child at the MCM May 2017 Rice Digital stand. It’s just a quick look at the English opening as part of the announcement that the game is coming west!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9ZpWQHqcgk   As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you can […]Read More

20 Minutes of Cat Quest Gameplay – MCM May 2017

Ben & Anne-Lou showcase some of Cat Quest at the MCM May 2017 Rice Digital stage! It’s a cat-themed RPG that’s super cute, with some moreish battles!     As usual you can follow us on YouTube here.   And you can follow us on Twitch for livesteams here!   See you next MCM!Read More

How to Get the True Ending in Resident Evil 7’s

This is how we do it! Without wasting your time, here’s how to get the true ending in Resident Evil 7‘s brand new Daughters prequel story DLC from the Banned Footage Vol. 2!     – Lucas’ phone password (1019) – Get the small component from the bathroom – Access the attic using the component […]Read More