Final Fantasy XV New Demo Gameplay

March can’t come soon enough as we are presented with another new Final Fantasy XV gameplay video. A stunning 42 minute footage is sure to make your mouth water. Square Enix showcases the vastness of its open world, the new fast paced battle system, beautiful night time gameplay and more.



According to Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV’s director, the demo that will ship alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will have about 3 hours of gameplay. The final game is said to feature a massive world that is 10-20 times bigger. About 60% of the full game has been finished at this point.


Your party members have more advanced AI so they will move realistically as you travel with them. For example, they will move at different speeds than you and will even sometimes go in front of you instead of always being in the back. Character animations depend on the type of surface they run or walk on. Party members will give comments about situations and point stuff out. This feature serves as a way for the game to give you info about optional things in a more organic and natural way.


Title menu will feature real time day/night effects. Menus look sleek. The dodging animations look rather sweet. This is where the use of particle effects in the game really shines. Nights will be pretty dangerous as Goblins will appear. Some monsters will give you ingredients to cook a meal at camp sites. Camps also function as fast travel so you can quickly return to the previous camp you encountered. The developers noted the game allows you to avoid camps to make the playthrough more challenging.


New gameplay footage:


Watch the full official stream here:



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