Fresh from Japan: New addition to SEGA’s Shining series?

SEGA have set up a new teaser site for one of their latest projects. There’s been no indication of what the game is and all that’s been revealed are some beautiful images of a fantasy world and the date, February 12th. Could it be a new MMORPG, or even a JRPG!? Rumours are that it’s a new addition to the Shining series. 


Here are the images below. Let me tell you what I see (puts on detective hat and pulls out magnifying glass)


“Pointy roof architecture, Massive tree inconveniently placed in the middle of the town, things that appear to be high technology but don’t seem to run off oil or electricity, and a very hygienic organic look. Elves?”


“Buildings that look like a castle you’d find  in the UK.  Humans?”


“Goblins, dragons or Orcs?”


When thinking of SEGA titles with ‘western’ races, the Shining series does come to mind, but as much as I like the Shining series, I’d be more excited to see a totally new IP. That said – do we REALLY need to see another title with decidedly Tolkien-esque trappings?


Come on SEGA, surprise me!


Official Teaser site HERE


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