Unboxing a brand new Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Edition

Only a couple more days to go before we can all enter Doki-Doki heaven once again with the release of Gal*Gun Returns! If you’re yet to preorder your Birthday Suit Edition, click here to rectify that situation right now.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering exactly what is inside that box of goodies, though? Well, I can help you out with that! Through the magic of first-person video technology, you can see exactly what I see as I open up my copy for the first time and ferret through the myriad goodies contained therein.

Lest you forget, the Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit edition provides a copy of the game (on cart for Nintendo Switch, or as a download code for Steam), plus a collector’s box filled with Stuff.

Said Stuff includes a lovely display box containing pin badges of all the main heroines (including angelic duo Patako and Ekoro) plus a large, weighty medallion commemorating the series’ tenth anniversary.

There’s also a three-disc soundtrack set featuring a disc of vocal tracks and two discs of in-game background music; a double-ended artbook featuring both art from Gal*Gun Returns and the series as a whole; six lovely, frameable art cards depicting the main heroines from the game; and the all important safety goggles.

Gal*Gun Returns

PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely important that all current and prospective owners of the Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Edition pay close attention to the recent safety announcement before attempting to make use of their safety goggles. None of us will be held responsible for any accidents caused through improper use of the Gal*Gun Returns Birthday Suit Edition safety goggles; we’ll just point at the other people involved and say it’s their fault.

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