Gigantic Army on Steam today

Doujin mech-shooter awesomeness comes stomping your way with Gigantic Army’s Steam release. Nyu Media’s homage to 16-bit classics comes bundled with some physical retro goodies any SNES fan would adore.




The Steam version of Gigantic Army comes equipped with 42 achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Linux version support and an awesome bonus pack – a printable, retro-styled game cover and CD label.




The love that publishers Nyu Media has for classic SNES-era games, like Cybernator, is evident, allowing fans to enhance their nostalgia physically with hands-on goodies. It’s a really nice touch, particularly with extras as lovingly crafted as these.




Gigantic Army was Greenlit on Steam less than 24 hours after its release and it’s no surprise – fluidly realised sprites, massive enemy bosses and solid, weighty gameplay really bring the awesomeness of this Cybernator-inspired shooter into 2014.


I Love Japanese Games gave us his review of Gigantic Army last month which you can find here. Alternatively, there’s a demo on the official site that lets you give the first two stages a shot.



Gigantic Army is available for a very reasonable $5.99. This includes collectable trading cards, achievements and your own SUPER MEMENTO game box packaging. Plus, of course, the opportunity to save the human race from hordes of gargantuan space aliens.

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